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    Default 7 Cowper St, Granville NSW - 0426 629 688

    Person's Name : Nancy

    Establishment : 7 Cowper St, Granville

    Date of Visit : 10 September 2017

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Granville & Parramatta best brothel,adult service,erotic massage,massage parlour

    Hours of Business : 10-late

    Rates : 130 for 45 minutes

    Age : Late 20s I guess

    Size/shape : Lean but not skinny

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

    Services Provided : FS, French Kiss, Shower together, BBBJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes, may be!

    My experience/comments : I had plans to visit Paramatta on sunday and thought why not visit Cowper street venue. So i was going through their roster to check who is avaiable etc and also reading on the reviews from my fellow punters here. I noticed Angela is indicated as available for the day i planned to visit. I messaged the mobile number provided to book an appointment for the morning. Immediately i recieved confirmation that Angela is avaialble for the time i requested.

    Feeling all happy and positive that i can look forward to the visit, i reached there at the time i had made the appointment. I said to the receptionist that i had booked angela and showed her the message confirmation. They asked me to wait in one of the cubicles as none of the rooms were available.

    waited for half an hour after which the receptionist came to me and said Angela is not avaiable but Nancy will look after me. I was thoroughly disappointed and the wait hD drained away all my energy and and patience away that i didnt want to arbue about mu booking. But i felt really let down as i had certain ideas and expectation in my mind while choaing angel.

    Wasguided to the room and i was impressed by the room space and cleaniness. Thought to myself, that its a positive impression. Then nancy walked in and greeted me. I wasnt disappointed as she sounded like a nice lady willing to impress. Settled the fees and i went to shower. I was almost ready by the time she was back in the room. Nancy prepared the bedding and we were all set to tKe the encounter to next level.

    i should admit, i am relatively new to Australian punting scene and didnt have much idea of how things are here except the things i know from reading all the reviews here. Thanks to Auxxxreviews!! We started off with a nice kiss. I love deep passionate kiss, so my first impression of here is good. Nancy then asked me to lie down on my tummy, and i think she did a catbath. I havent had experienced Catbath while i was in Cape Town/ Joburg, hence it was new to me. Nothing special i guess. Then i turned around and we started kissing each other deep and passionate. Loved the feeling, amd was really happy Nancy wasnt reserved in that sense. She has a nice pair of boobs, so pleasing on my eyes and in my mouth. She started playing with her tounge all over me, kissed my nipples which i enjoy. She noticed it and gave some attention to that aspect. We were kissing passionately while she stroked me and i was deeling all her cute body. She then wanted my cock inside her mouth and she started bbbj slowly. I loved her technique, no teeth, with lots of toungue action. Reallly impressed once again. After all, not bad that i am missing out on Angela.

    this went on for next 10 mimutes or so. Then i decided to take control of the situation. I made her lie on her back and started exploring all her cute body. Loved sucking on those boobs, she enjoyed it as well. Only dampner was her resistance to me fingering either her pussy or asshole. She gave me some reason that one of the punters did something to her few weeks ago and since then she isnt keen on fingers anywhere close to those areas. My bad luck and she spunded like she isnt planning to allow anyone in those areas with their fingers anytime soon. Just a note if people are fussy about this.

    I always respect the lady's decision and personnaly i dont loke forcing or even tempting someone into doing spmething if there is a disloke this eressed to me. Without dampening the spirit any further, i moved on to taste Nancy's honeypot. Trimmed pussy it is, but tasty.she loved my toungue action on her and i explored nearby areas making her shudder for couple of times. She later told me that she came, but again i cannot verify if she really did or not.

    it wastime to dom up and start love making session. We started slow in missionary position, kissing while slowly ,oving up and down. I could see she was enjoyimg it as well. Then inturned her arpund and went for doggy. The action continued for sometime. I sometimes struggle to cum when there is not enough passion. This time i came with ease without any issues. I didnt ask for CIM or CON as i dont like to disrupt my momentum. Filled up the dom and we both crashed onto the bed lying on our back cuddling for sometime. Nancy's english is good, so could conduct a sensible conversation while lying down and resting. She offered me a massage but i am not into massage when i am with a lady for FS. So spent rest of the time talking and munching on her lips, cuddling ocassionaly.

    soon came the knock pn the door, and it was time. evdn though the person who knocked shouted something, nancy said something back in the same language. I sensed nancy was siggesting wewill get on. Nancy was polite to me though and she requested me to take a shower. I invited her andwebpth jumped into the shower. We continued with some kissing and sucking for sometime, washed each other nefore we dried each other. I was mlre than happy and i even forgot that i was lied to about the availability of so called "Angela". I even suspect that such person even exists. It may be a ploy to attract people to the venue, but on a very positive note, i wasnt disappointed with the experience. Wait was worth it!! Thank you Nancy.

    I was still disappointed about the promise broken regarding Angela. Not sure i will go back to cowper unless i am in that area, as there are other places that i would like to visit and try out different ladies recommended by some of the senior punters here. It was quite refreshing to discover this website as well as we had something similar in South Africa which provided reliable feedback and recommendation to not so frequent pumters like me. Cheers all!!
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    Thanks for the review..

    Great read..

    In love with ALINA LI.. Angela Chung.. Marica Hase.. Cindy Starfall including Rosie Ly now.. and now too Playboy Playmate YEN HOANG.. add to that Tia Tanaka.. and now Lea Hart.. and the hottest new cougar AKIRA LANE! and now add to that theblackalley model Lolita Cheng.. including now the most beautiful Thai babe I have ever laid my eyes on!.. Ope Maynart Mandsurang.. Now including KPOP BAND SISTAR.. and now Lee Hyori "10 Minutes".. OMG.. MAY THAI.. add to that now LIN LEE.. plus LIU WEN,MING XI, SUI HE and XIAO WEN JU.. NOW IN LOVE WITH YUMI ANNE.. add to that CLARA LEE.. plus AYUMI ANIME

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