Person's Name : Lucy

Establishment : 7 cowper

Date of Visit : 15th Mar 2018

Contact Details/Address/Weblink: 7 Cowper St Granville

Hours of Business : 10 till late

Rates : 90 / 30m advertised

Age : Late 20s

Size/shape : Size 8 , slim and busty, natural E or F, around 160cm

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, FS

Was gonna be stuck in traffic so I figured I would take a detour and see the famous Lucy.
Pressed the bell and greeted by a young gentleman, asked whether I wanted anyone and I said Lucy and damn, natural big E titties.
Got the financials out of the way and had a quick shower and waiting eagerly on the bed whilst she washed up. Came to the bed and did the quick cat bath and lick of the balls and reached for the dom. I said I wanted BBBJ, she said thatís usually in the gold service for 120/30min, she said she usually donít but will this time but I gotta tip her later, quick 90 sec BBBJ and on went the DOM, although with the dom on she does get at it more enthusiastically DT.
My attention was on the big jugs on her that kept swapping from left to right, she climbed on and started cowgirl and boy she can flex those pussy muscles, I knew if she kept her pace I wouldnít last very long. Quickly asked if I could be on top, mish for a bit to get a better rhythm and asked her to flip for doggie. This is where I was defeated.

What followed slightly annoyed me, she didnít snuggle or chitchat just got up and washed and started getting dressed. I only used up almost 20 minutes Iím sure I could of had a quick massage or something. And after all that she was waiting at the door eagerly looking at me and I remembered the tip for the 90 secs BBBJ.

Paid $20 and left.

For the body and those jugs I would probably return. Just annoyed that I seem to get a different treatment sometimes because I speak their language, you would think that should be an bonus.

Anyways, Lily is next on my list

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