Person's Name : Mina

Establishment : 7 Cowper St

Date of Visit : 21/12/18 Friday

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Http://

Phone : 02 9682 3888

Hours of Business : 10am - 1am

Rates : $65 half hour Review Special

Age : Late 20's

Size/shape : mediumto short height, size 10 with B to C natural tits, pussy hair

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

Got there at around 12ish. no other cars parked. not busy. sent to the room. Mina came to the room, she was the same person from the photo. she greeted me and handed the towel. She wore a black and white dress and tits looked C. I went to the shower and she went out to get her stuff. I was out of the shower by the time she came back. I dried myself and she directed me to lay on the bed. she has limited English, just enough to get by.

She got undressed and reviled a small tattoo on the belly. she is not fat but has love handles and the tits were natural between B and C with light coloured nipples. She started with a cat bath, straight to my nipples. Cat bath lasted for about 3 min and then to the waiting hard dick. She moved to get the dom, and I asked for BBBJ and she shook her head no.

On with the blow for few minutes and then I asked her to go bit gentle on the suck. She did ok with the blow and then to the ball licking. I asked her to suck the balls, so she grabbed few tissues. She sucked for a while and rotated between it and sucking the cock with tissue brakes. When clock hit the ten minute mark she said we fuck. She climbed over he and we did bit of cg, then I took over and fucked her from the bottom while sucking those nice soft tits. I went a bit hard on the suck and was told to go soft, which I did. I went nice and slow fucking while sucking on those tits.

Changed positions to doggie and fucked slowly and wanted to grab the tits but wasn't working out so changed to mish. so that I could suck on those tits. Was disappointed and the tits had gone flat. Grabbed it anyway and sucked it a bit and played with it while fucking her, then hugged her and gave deep penetrations. Changed to doggie again and pumped her hard. She actually tightened her pussy and gave some very nice feeling. Few more minutes of doggie and then back to mish. While fucking mish I started to raise her legs. Then lifted her legs up all the way and kept on going. Gave her long deep and fast thrusts. I knew I was going to come soon so uped the speed and swung legs down to one side. Kept on going till I came in the bag (all along I grabbed on to the love handles).

She wiped with the tissue and said shower. She went in first and then I followed after she came out. Had bit of chit chat during this time. I came out and wiped myself and then she took the towel off me and whipped my back and legs. Time was almost up may be 3 minutes left and she offered a massage. I wasn't going to say no. I lay on the bed and asked her to sit on my back to give my shoulder a rub. She got on my back, but did not put her weight on me and actually massaged medium firm. I felt her pussy hair on my back as she moved to massage. She did the shoulders and upper back for about 5 minutes. I loved it.

She got up and we got dressed, she cleaned room and a kiss cheek and it was bye.