Person's Name : Simie

Establishment : 7 Cowper Street, Granville

Date of Visit : 8th March 2018

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Granville & Parramatta best brothel,adult service,erotic massage,massage parlour

Hours of Business : 10am to late

Rates : $160 hr

Age : late 30's

Size/shape : Slim, nice natural B cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : bbbj, DATY, DFK

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

I saw on their roster page that 7 Cowper had a couple of new girls starting today, Simie and Mina. Lucy the girl with the biggest tits in Sydney was also there as well and Mico who I have seen before so a good line up.

Arrived at the shop and met the owner, Linda who is warm and welcoming as always. She gives me a hug as she opens the door to me and asks both new girls to come to the room and say hello to me.

Both Simie and Mina were nice looking girls in their late 30's. I would have liked to see both of them but I had to choose and Simie had the nicest smile and she gave the better introduction and spent a few seconds actually conversing with me and looked keen, so she got my vote. To me, a positive attitude from the girl is half the battle so I paid for one hour $160.

Into the room, Simie is in her late 30's, Chinese, has a great figure with nice natural B cup tits, is slim and pretty. She was wearing a little red dress and a g string that left little to the imagination with a firm arse which I spent a lot of time playing with when I was I fucking her. We shower together and she attentively washes me and we have a bit of kissing in the shower whilst I massage her tits and stroke her pussy to start warming her up.

Onto the bed I kissed and massaged Simie to get things started. She is happy to DFK which was nice and she starts off giving me a nice bbbj and some good cock stroking and kissing whilst licking and sucking my nipples. She runs her hands all over my body as she pleasures me and she is very sensual and touchy feely. She wiped my cock down with a couple of wet wipes to make sure I was nice and clean and then went to town. Great ball action as she massaged and tickled my balls as she sucked and she gave a lot of variety. One minute she was licking my tip, the next she was forcing the whole shaft deep inside her mouth and ramming her head down on my hard erection. I could feel the tip of my cock going down into her throat. Very nice.

Dommed up and started off in doggie for a change. Simie has nice little natural B cup tits and I loved fucking her in doggie and reaching over and feeling her soft breasts dangling beneath and I watched them swaying and jiggling in the mirror as I upped the pace. Flipped her over and did some side saddle and then got her back up into doggie and licked her pussy from behind whilst alternating the licking with some fucking. She was getting quite loud now so I had a bit of a break and then asked her to get on top of me in cowgirl. The sight of her little tits wobbling around as she bounced up and down on my cock was very porno and her firm waist was great to grab hold of and pretty quickly her tight pussy had me blowing in the dom.

Time for some DATY. Simie has a trimmed pussy which by now is very wet. I got her back into doggie first of all and lay underneath her and licked her from below, then had her hold onto the wall at the top of the bed whilst I licked her and massaged her boobs. For the finale I laid her down in mish and inserted a finger and slowly finger fucked her and licked her clit until she came. Her pussy was very wet and juicy as she built up to a climax and she seemed to be enjoying a good lick as she was lying back and playing with her breasts and nipples with her eyes closed. When she orgasmed it was hard and long and she squeezed my head in between her legs as she came and her body shook out a good, long orgasm. She laughed and pushed me away and told me that I have a good tongue. Years of practice I told her.

Simie is a good girl to spend time with. She takes things slowly and she is very sensual and attentive in the room, she likes to orgasm and she definitely knows how to make a customer happy. She has a good body, is a good fuck, can suck cock very well but most importantly to me, has a great, positive attitude and that is really all you can ask for in a girl once you have chosen her. A good addition to the shop roster.