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    Default Betty & Virginia

    Person's Name :Betty & Virginia

    Establishment :533 Willoughby Rd Willoughby

    Month/Year of Visit :5th August 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :533 Willoughby Rd Willoughby/533willoughby.com.au

    Phone :02 99679991

    Hours of Business :10:00 til late

    Rates :$150ph X2

    Extras Cost :Nil

    Services Provided This Session :bbbj, CG, mish DFK[V] pussy slide[B]

    Age : 30ís+ both girls

    Size/shape :Betty:160cm, trimmed,B Cup natural
    Virginia: 160cm, shaved, C-D Natural,

    Nationality or Ethnicity :Betty: MLC
    Virginia: Singapore

    Value for money/recommend? :Always.

    My experience/comments :
    Was suppose to see one girl but wound up being a double.
    No complaints, it was an enjoyable session.
    Early morning booking.
    Arrived and sorted Financials with Angie.
    To Room 1
    Angioe asked if i was going to extend, told her small chance, she replied Ok, wait and see.
    Betty prepping room, in street clothes, honestly didnít recognised her.
    Quick kiss and cuddle.
    Virginia poops in the same, told us i go get freaky.
    No problems.
    Onto bed Virginia comes in , small top and cut off jeans
    Joins us starts mini body slide, we are getting focused.
    Takes her gear off and starts a bbbj, Betty still prepping room, music and strobes.
    Tell Virginia lets go, she quick adjust mirror near window, he like to watch.
    To mish.
    [PPE swap at change overs]
    Go slow, as its the first session of the day.
    After a few minutes into the grove.
    Then notice Betty is lying next to both of us watching and talking.
    Virginia tells us ill tell you when we swap.
    Keeping going for a while, checking with Virginia, some dfk as well, always nice.
    Was getting a little tired.
    Just as i was finishing with Virginia, she whispers you finish with me.
    Clean up.
    Betty starts quick bbbj, and we are getting focused again, starts quick pussy slide.
    And then CG.
    Betty is ready good at CG, she gets it deep and starts grinding away.
    Let her go.
    Virginia having a break and sorting her stuff out.
    Change to mish grind away for a while and Betty suggests doggie, which i think is her favourite.
    Off we go, gets into good position and we keep going.
    Starting to over heat a little and Virginia towels us down as we are still with Betty.
    time to change, tell the girls need a minute, will have shower to cool down.
    Back to Virginia , watching the time , to mish, keep going for a while and we are done.
    Girls shower as we recover.
    We are not good, a little dizzy and wobble, girls helps us up and in to the shower.
    Girls keep telling us no rush, but I donít want to hold them up.
    We are struggling, dressed, kiss and regards to both girls.
    Regards to Angie and off we go.
    At the traffic light head down leaning on the pedestrian button, passing traffic would have realised where i just come from.
    It was a huge effort to drive home, if i thought it would be a concern i would have delayed .
    Hope to recover quickly

    Betty & Virginia.
    great girls.
    lots of history together.
    never disappoint.

    always consider ymmv

    off for another nap now!!!!

    Always look after and respect the girls
    As they look after and respect us

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