Person's Name : ‘DAISY’

Establishment : 533 Willoughby

Date of Visit : 29 May 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 02 9967 9991

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : $150 for 60mins

Age : 30’s

Size/shape : Slim with C’s natural, fair skin, pretty face, sultry look, looks young.. possibly some facial work done? I think lips had botox.

Nationality or Ethnicity : China

Services Provided : bbbj, daty, mish, cg, doggy, Lfk/Dfk

Value for money/recommend? :Yes…. YMMV

My experience/comments :

For some reason found myself at 533 one evening.
Was reading through reviews of those who were rostered. The ones I had preferred were booked, or would only be available short term.

Angie put me into a waiting room.
Now as you may know, at 533 every sq cm is taken up by a mattress, punters loitering in the hallway.. girls running around.. all sorts of noises coming from every nook and cranny.. literally, ‘fucking’ chaos.

I told Angie I will not use the waiting closet, as she hinted that’s available ( there is small bed in there)… ‘Ill wait for a room to become available’.

The girls she said would be available magically were all now rebooked or extended .. yep… 533 SOP

So it came down to Daisy being available for an hour. Angie talks her up, good service etc etc..
First impression is of a very sexy pretty slim woman. Daisy plops down on the waiting bed and is caressing me, chatting, while Im on AXR 533 thread quickly scanning some recent reviews.
There are about four reviews….quite a varying opinion on Daisy service. So I’m a little hesitant, its YMMV at the end of the day.. and I regind=ed to have a533 adventure.

I chat with Angie that Im not sure about Daisy. etc. Angie and Daisy go into a bit of lengthy chat. She switched to English saying ima good man, pillar of the community, etc..
So sat with Daisy for a bit chatting in the closet until a decent room was available.

In the room, which is left or the stairs. Smallish but not tiny like the ones up in the laundry area. Full mirror. red lights and shower.

Showered and Daisy was prepping the bed . She popped in and i was drying watching her. Found looking body.. breasts soft and relaxed not inflated or perky.
Body is pretty sexy.

On the bed I gave Daisy short massage which was appreciated.. We moved into kissing and the seemed quite into it.. She was caressing my cock and manoeuvred down to have closer access.. I laid back..

Was watching her and watching the mirror.. For quite lengthy time Daisy was licking sucking and giving the old boy good workout.. I must say her BBBj was smooth and quite erotic.. I pull her up and slide of the bed and pull her down to the edge and begin avery lengthy DATy… Daisy was responding and her pussy was a delight.. She went through couple of climaxes.. Im now standing and she is on all fours taking my cock in long wet suctions.. She has the dom on him and we start at miss… and I soon flip her ob ver my feet on the floor and slide her into tight CG.. Theisis fits nicely and we go for pride.. slow trot then build to cantor… Im sweating up and i hold her waist as she arched back… Move into Doggy and Im going full gallop and Daisy rescpom ending with push backs that match to thrusts..

Im not going to come and Daisy is tiring I feel. Off with the dom.. Im on my back and Daisy applies lube to help the HJ and she is bobbing away in BBJ… asks me to signal when I an going to blow… Im holding back…. the climax building and I tap her shoulder.. she release a bit late and i squirt in her mouth a bit..her and her face . She’s cool h giggles and pumps the rest of the baby water out of etc pipe..

Wiped up and showered. We are over time but no problem. First for me at 533. Maybe Angie decided to give me a little bonus time.
Bid farewell chat with Angie and down the stairs to Real World.

A classic 533 experience.

Overall pretty good run with Daisy. Possible she is inconsistent as reviews a have mentioned, therefore YMMV applies.