DIOR - Lady with energisers in her back!
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Thread: DIOR - Lady with energisers in her back!

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    Default DIOR - Lady with energisers in her back!

    On Friday night, in the Sydney downpour torrent and flood in the streets, I managed to drag myself to see Dior.
    A pleasant way to end my day. Never seen her before so it was a surprise package too.
    A sweet smile, a great body with real boobs and awesome legs that grabbed my attention straight away.With a shaved sweet snatch with a complimentary landing strip, Dior was a knockout from the word "Go!"

    She goes from Woah to go in seconds flat as she pushed me to the bed and laid herself between my legs and dived into BBBJB with such enthusiasm that took my breath away! Slurping sounds, shaft licking and some stroking action that almost made me fucking cum!
    I just said stop that and lets 69
    Right on brother! 69 Rules! She obviously flicked into overdrive and went beserk on my cock! Sucking like a crazed school girl after prom night, head thrusting up n down on my cock like a piston on a steam train plummeting down hill in Switzerland! Meanwhile I parted her pink lips and dived in, honey yumm!
    All i could think of was cumming in her mouth...almost did
    Flipped her over and drilled her snatch missionary for a while. Great! Then we did doggy for some more tight fun....loved it here!
    She took over and Cowgirl time, as we held hands she pumped the fuck out of my cock till once again I almost came...
    I prefer to come in her mouth so i urged her to BBBJB once more and to bight down on my shaft, she was reluctant but I kept saying "Harder"
    Next thing i blew out! CIM and she took it out and squeezed every last drop out of me ...literally....

    I swear she had a couple of Energiser batteries inside her!!
    Dior is Nothing but N R G!

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    MrJellyFish..Moses Smell The Roses!!!! I need to see this girl. Can I ask? Michelle does a great snow ball when I came in her mouth. Dior? Does she do the same? Swallows? Thanks brother.

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