Person's Name : Mona

Establishment : 533 Willoughby rd Exotic Girls

Date of Visit : 18/1/2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone :02 9967 9991

Hours of Business : Check with Angie as it was her first day there

Rates : $150 per hour

Age : 30 something

Size/shape : 166 cm tall with c cup naturals, nice face, slim firm body and very strong firm legs, fully shaved pussy

Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

Services Provided : BBBJ, side saddle, missionary, massage, close cuddles at the end

Value for money/recommend? : Yes was ok and I think over time she will get more active

My experience/comments : I did not want to push her too much as it was her first day doing this work and she has come from Taiwan and has never done this work before.

So this girl has a nice firm solid body but she is not fat and her boobs are c cups and they are fucking beautiful and natural and she has a pretty flat waist and those legs are very strong and firm so altogether she looks good.

She seemed a little nervous and not sure about everything and I just let her take her time and then she is giving me a nice slow sucking which was ok but not like the experts that Angie has there.

So we need to teach her over time and she will be good and she did go half way and it was alright so I let this go for five minutes and then I wanted that pussy wrapped around my cock.

I suggested side saddle to start because her tits are really very nice and there are no cut marks so they are natural and I enter her pussy and it is very snug and felt good and I just slowly fucked her for ten minutes.

I enjoyed holding her and she feels really good and her body is quite nice and I also fucked her lay down doggy and was getting encouraging sounds from her.

She kept saying "pussy horny" and "nice cock" and her English is only basic but I could tell she was enjoying it and after ten minutes we changed to missionary.

Now this was good in that she looks very fucking sexy like this with those sexy soft firm natural tits and her sexy body and legs and it felt very nice inside her.

I was just going slowly enjoying her nice feeling pussy and she was giving me encouragement saying that she really liked me fucking her and she was bucking up and wanted me to go harder so I hammered her pussy.

I could see that she was very horny and crying out softly and was holding my body and her legs had a strong grip on me and I was enjoying looking at her and the feeling was really nice.

I just stayed like this for ten minutes with different angles and speeds and then went fast and hammered her and came and it was a good feeling.

We cleaned up and then she gave me a massage but it was only very light so I said to just lay there next to me and I held her close and kissed her and had my hand on her sexy tits and stroked her legs.

Just laying there looking at her I thought she is a pretty sexy lady and I was getting horny again but we were almost out of time.