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    Thumbs down Service gone downhill

    The service has become so bad here. Booked twice for a girl. Arrived on time but girl not available. Also made to wait for 20 min in the waiting room. Made to shower in the laundry and then the girl was in the girls waiting room. She literally threw everything off the bed to make space. i was out in 10 mins. horrible service. no one cares any more. even I was a regular customer. no more...

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    Surprising.... we have no other reports like this, most 533 regulars report being treated well. Not every punt goes well and we appreciate negative feedback as well as positive, but we have to wonder about your agenda here?

    I cant find any reviews from you, you have been a member since Mar 2013 with only 4 posts, your last post being in April 2014 when you also left negative feedback for this establishment. Post#44
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    I must agree with NEXTLIFE here but also agree that at times the booking system at 533 is less than impressive however this is not anything outside of what occurs with other establishments.

    I have always found Angie polite and accommodating and most respectful to my privacy.

    Jason or Justin on Friday night was a most polite and hospital individual. I misplaced my keys and 3 people assisted me in locating them. I can't thank them enough for the concern and assistance they gave me.

    I too have aired grievances on venues in this forum however I think in lieu of my recent experience 533 should be given benefit of the doubt. Potentially jayfirefox14 should have a word to Angie as she is most reasonable IF you treat her with like respect.

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    533 Is not my regular place to visit so I have no connection with the place.

    I can only report on my own experiences at 533.

    I normally make my booking to be the first customer of the day for the Lady that I am seeing.

    Maybe this reduces the chances of double bookings etc.

    I have never had a problem with Angie.

    I am a "Good" customer. I always arrive on time, I respect he Ladies and don't cause problems.

    I have read a number of negative reports about Angie and 533.

    This has not been my experience.

    Maybe I am just fortunate or maybe Angie likes me.

    Recently, she bought me a cake when I attended 533 on my Birthday.

    On another occasion, the place was busy at opening time and Angie forgot to ask me for the money.

    I genuinely forgot too, until I arrived home and looked in my wallet.

    When I called Angie to let her know, she told me that there was no rush to pay her the $300.

    It was more than 2 months before I was back at 533 to pay my debt.

    Angie normally sends me messages to keep informed about the Lady that I am booked to see.

    If the Lady is not working for some reason, Angie will let me know.

    I can then decide if I will go to 533 to see another Lady or go somewhere else.

    I appreciate this, it's good Customer Service.

    I know that it is easy to be critical of bad service, but I also believe that you should give credit and appreciation for good service.

    I have been seeing Karen at 533 for a while now, so I always get the bonus of the big front room. ����
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    I'm not going to rubbish the place, it is what it is and everyone who has read the forum knows what they're potentially getting into but my last few visits were significantly less enjoyable than my first dozen or so. I'll be back but for the moment I'm content to try other women and other venues, when time permits (way less frequent than I'd like!).

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    I don't go here very often, last visit was probably more than a year ago and was probably about the third time I have been as its not my modus operandi to go to a FS joint, I like the thrill of the chase with mamasans and ML at massage joints and I have no lusting to fuck Angie hehe.

    But having said that it has always delivered what I went there to get, usually anal and other than being shunted around to wait for a while and the fact that the place could do with a spruce up, FFS she could probably afford a million dollar reno its always been fine, its a brothel FFS and they come with attitude standard. Its great value for the quality of the ladies and the price, in most cities you would pay double what they charge for the same quality!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparksy View Post
    ........ I have no lusting to fuck Angie hehe.......

    Seriously though, I agree. 533 is what it is... great variety of girls, great value and yes, the place needs a reno but hey, at this price point most shops do.

    Sounds like I need to make a return from a long absence
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    Anyone who reads my posts will know I'm a regular at 533 and, obviously, a fan of the place.

    Over the last year or so I've seen 50 different girls there (I usually like to see different girls but there has also been a few repeat visits to some of the better girls).

    Yes, it seriously needs some major renovation and has only three vaguely decent rooms, but they have some great girls there.

    In the past Angie has done the old switcheroo and dishonoured bookings, but once your are a regular, she really looks after you - good business sense.

    I always get a room with a shower and Angie will call me if a girl is not available. She knows what I like and will give me good advice as to which girl I should see.

    As I said in my recent review of Dora, there has been a lot of criticism in the past about the ages of the girls there but Angie has recruited a lot of younger girls while retaining the good, experienced "older" ladies (eg Karen, Gigi, Jan, Jessie, Michelle, etc).

    Of the 10 new girls I've seen over the last couple of months, two were in their early 30s and the other eight were under 25.

    Yes, it's not perfect but the girls are usually great.

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