Person's Name : BABY

Establishment : 64 Alexander Avenue Taren Point

Date of Visit : Tues 07 Nov 17

Girls Photos : baby - 64 Alexander

Photo Genuine: Yes!!

Hours of Business : 10 am till late

Rates : $150 per hour

Age : 21

Size/shape : 160 cm.

Pussy is full on Hairy..

Roster: Tuesday

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, FS. GFE


I need to start this review by commending TP64 for the number of new girls that have just started on their roster! Today, I chose Baby, description indicates a 21 year old babe from China.... I met Baby and found her to be absolutely stunning and I think that she is more of an 18 year old and she comes across as shy, demure and very, very young and a bit nervous as this was her first day on the job.

I will pay 64 the ultimate compliment and say that they have just hired a Ginza Quality girl in Baby, as can be seen on her photos!!

First of all, let me start off by saying that Baby's photos are completely accurate!!! She has a gorgeous figure and her waist is so small, the tips of my thumbs and fingers touch when I wrap them around her waist!

Her boobs are NOT enhanced in any way, shape or form and are completely soft and natural. Her nervousness was very evident when I first entered her room and I attempted to greet her with a soft kiss but she turned slightly and I got her cheek .... I was a bit concerned that she was actually too scared of the whole thing. Into the shower I go, by myself, and clean up. Baby got me to hop on the bed and she proceeded to give me a very nice, hard massage.

This was actually very nice, but I wasn't actually there for a massage, well, not yet anyway. I roll over and proceeded to gently kiss her lithe, perfect body as she is sitting there... she gets the giggles - her I am thinking that things are going to go pear shaped for me very quickly if she continues to turn away or giggles every-time I do something.

She asks me to lay on my back and slowly proceeds to give a soft, considerate BBBJ which was actually pretty damn good. After a few minutes, I ask her to position herself for some 69 action and I started to get into some DATY with her sweet pussy. She seems to enjoy this, but started to put on the "fake porn star moans" and then hops off me whilst continuing the BBBJ. I suggested to her to just go with the flow and be more natural - like a trooper, she took my suggestion on board and stopped the noises while she BBBJ'd me... it wasn't too long before I started seeing stars and felt the blood rushing to me head and she then quickly applied the dom and jumped straight into CG - Baby's body is sooo tight that the only thing moving was her gorgeous ass pounding up and down and her long brown hair (her photo's ARE accurate) swirling around above me and long enough to tickle my chest as she sat straight up on top of me. I then flipped her over and continued the session is mish. Baby finally loosened up and started enjoying herself and I was finally getting into some DFK action. This really got hot between us and blew my load completed whilst getting me tongue sucked out of my face.

I then proceeded with MY favourite part,,,, DATY !!! Baby has a hairy, all natural pussy - this is usually off putting for me, but she tasted great and my enthusiasm increased at which point I no longer actually cared that the pussy was too hairy - mind you, it was well trimmed and neat. Baby enjoyed out DATY session, her moans were now the soft panting moans of a girl enjoying herself. After about 5 minutes, she came with shuddering and shaking and I discovered that she is super tender after she has her climax. I started to continue the DATY but she begged me to stop as her body is super-tender after a DATY session. We laid for the last 15 minutes just cuddling each other and she enjoyed herself DFKing me.

Conclusion: All-in-all, it was a great session after a rocky start. Turned into a sweet GFE session. Baby will definitely get even better as she gets more experience.

Recommendation: Hell yeah, highly recommended and I would definitely go back to see Baby again!