Person's Name : Chenal.

Establishment : 64 Alexander.

Date of Visit : 16/5/18.

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Ph 95241278 or 0424 666 228.

Hours of Business : 10am until 1am. Later on Friday and Saturday.

Rates : $150 an hour.

Age : 30s.

Size/shape : Size 7, Nice shaped body. Beautiful C Size Breasts. Trimmed down below. Lovely soft skin.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese.

Services Provided :BBBJ, DATY french kiss">DFK, Safe Sex, HJ etc.

Value for money/recommend? : Yes !! Why did I wait so long to see her.,??

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)


The lady that I had a booking with at TP64 was running late. Sophie asked if I would like to see Chenal.
I have spoken to her a few times while waiting for 64 to open.
I thought that she was very nice, not pushy in any way.
I always wanted to see her.
Today, the opportunity arose, I said yes to Sophie, it was a great decision.

My first impressions of Chenal inside the room was that she was very friendly, a huge smile a hug and kiss for a welcome.
She gave every indication that she was genuinely happy to see me.
She did conform this later with Words and Actions.

My booking was for 1 hour so we did not waste any time.
While I was showering, Chenal stripped of to reveal a lovely, shapely body.
Her breasts are beautiful Cs.
I was convinced that they were natural but she told me that she had a Boob Job here in Australia.
She even told me the cost. They looked and felt so natural, a great job.

We spent a few minutes getting to know each other and also talking about the things that we like to do in a session.

In the past few weeks I have been very fortunate to have spent time with a few Ladies who are really great at Kissing.
This is a big part of any session for me.
Chenal is now a member of this group, she is up there with the best.
She has lovely soft lips that taste so sweet and she was eager to keep kissing me throughout the session.
I felt so spoiled.

Chenal did lots of great BBBJ on me in a number of positions on the bed.
She also liked to kneel on the floor, I was lying half propped up across the bed, looking in the mirror as she licked and sucked me.
She has a great technique of moving her head around in a circular fashion and also swirling her tongue on the most sensitive areas of my Dick.
After an active few days I was surprised at how easily she got me fully erect on a number of occasions.
I was amazed and delighted to experience how this “quiet” almost “shy looking” young Lady could turn into a Sensual Fox in the room.

It was my turn to repay Chenal for all her good work by giving her some DATY.
She has some trimmed hair down below, this was no problem for me.
I am happy to report that she loved it and responded like someone who is really enjoying herself and who is not afraid to show it.

We proceeded on to some safe sex in a few positions.
This felt so good, I was not overly active, and took things easily and gently.
Chenal was so tight even with KY, that I did not want to hurt her.

Chenal was very honest and open about how much she was enjoying the session.
I felt the same way and I was fortunate to be able to extend for a second hour.

The first hour was excellent and Chenal repeated her great work in the second hour.
I am sure that she appreciated the fact that I had extended and she set out to make it special for me.
She did, it was very special. !!!

I am aware that you do not really know anyone after you have paid money to spend a few hours in bed with them, but, I have good feeling about Chenal.
I got the impression that she is an intelligent, honest Lady.
I guess she is the type of lady that you would feel happy to take home to meet your mother.

I loved my time with her and we both remarked about the fact that although this was our first session together, we were talking and acting like long time, close friends. This always sets the mood for a great session for me.

Yes I do like her very much.

Chenal provided me with a wide range of top, safe services and activities. I look forward to seeing her again.