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    Default Chole - 64 Alexander

    Person's Name : Chole

    Establishment : 64 Alexander

    Date of Visit : recently

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : chole - 64 Alexander

    Phone :9524 1278

    Hours of Business : 10 - 1am

    Rates : $90half hour

    Age : 24

    Size/shape : petite

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : fs

    Value for money/recommend? : yes

    My experience/comments : chole is like a little doll. She is fit and tight but tiny. Boy does she make up for it. Started with a bbj that almost made me blow before hopping on and riding me like a mechanical bull. I flipped her over and returned the favour doggy style for a bit before picking her up in a reverse wheelbarrow and going to town. A must repeat.

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    Does anyone know where Chloe went? Called up management but they said she doesn't work their anymore (even though she is still on their website)

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    She mentioned to me one time last year that she works or owns a shop in waterloo but have no idea where!
    I rarely saw her but she was a good root!

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    Without a doubt Chloe is a sweetheart and sexy with it, I believe she is a mentor to many of the girls she works with too. She d/I’d tell me she had an apartment nearby when I saw her at 647 in Waterloo but that was a few years ago. Today, look for Helen at 533

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