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    Default Helen of Troy - 64 Alexander

    Person's Name : Helen

    Establishment : 64 Alexander

    Date of Visit : 7 April 2017

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 64 Alexander Avenue, Taren Point - Disclaimer

    Hours of Business : 10am till late

    Rates : $90 half, $150 hour

    Age : Late 20s

    Size/shape : Tiny, slim, long hair, natural B, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese (HK)

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, Cowgirl, Doggy

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :
    Thought I would take a punt today, so rocked up without a booking to see who I would end up with. Just wanted a half hour session. Jimmy suggested Helen and took me to her room at the end of the corridor. Helen greeted me in a sexy outfit and knee high boots (from her photo on the website). After showering and a bit of a cuddle and kiss by the side of the bed I noticed she was still wearing the boots, so asked her to take them off. She did so, but then proceeded to put on some high heels. She has a thing about wearing high heels.
    Onto the bed and she went straight down to gobble my old fella. Not much prelude but straight onto it. Fine with me. After a while I managed to shift her around to 69 and eagerly sucked her pussy and probed a little with my fingers. She seemed to enjoy this and kept grinding her pussy into my face. I lapped it up (so to speak). I could have continued this for longer but it was time to don the dom and she jumped on top in cowgirl fashion. After a while of this I suggested doggy and we went at it to the beat of the music she had on her phone. This was great and she pushed back until I eventually came in the dom. After that it was clean up and shower time.

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    Person's Name :Helen

    Establishment : 64 Alexander Taren Point

    Date of Visit : Sunday April 2

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : http://64alexander.com.au/helen/

    Hours of Business : 10pm - 5am Friday Saturday

    Rates : $150 - 1 Hour

    Age : 30ish

    Size/shape : Slim

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ FS 69 french kiss">DFK CIM FFM doubles ...

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    I've seen Helen a few times and will see her again. She is a lovely woman and very accommodating. Why did I see her today? Her new photographs with the ultra slutty boots and outfit could not be denied.

    The outfit is so skimpy, there is no real undressing to speak of. Anyway, we were pleased to see each other and embraced, groped and french kiss">DFK. The pink bits of the outfit came off but the boots remained, pretty sexy.

    She quickly moved to BBBJ and after converting to 69 I needed to slow down or blow. That lasted a full 5 secs and we were back into it. Helen is incredibly smooth and clean. Here pussy is clinically smooth and tastes like a mollusc long gone from the ocean.

    We fucked soon after and I blew early, she had worked me up big time. Usually one go and I'm gone, but Helen was having none of it. After a 5 minute non-break, she started working me, slowly by mouth and subtly she flipped her pussy back onto my mouth. She had me at Hello.

    So, amazingly, this old lothario was ready to go again. Although I didn't have time to blow again, I was hard and horny - H and I had more good times.

    Go for Helen or Tania or BB or wherever you find her. She's a gem.

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    Person's Name : Helen

    Establishment : 64 Alexander

    Date of Visit : March 2017

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Hours of Business :

    Rates : 150 p/h

    Age : 30ish

    Size/shape : size 6, 165 cm

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : Full service, protected sex, BBBJ, DATY, Some kissing, 69

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely !!!

    My experience/comments : I must start this review by saying thank you to a wonderful member on this site, "Mr Crash & Burn" who helped me with some intel and all you people who take the time to put up reviews here.

    I've never seen Helen before ... apart from the photos .... didn't even know what she looked like. Photos are accurate except for the fact that one of Helen's most intriguing factors is her eyes. She has dark eyes which giver her a mature look but she is overall fairly attractive and a character despite our language barriers.

    I like to party ... helen likes to party so we hit it off ... but Helen also makes it clear that respect and no rough stuff is the rule. Cool with this I told her that I was happy to follow all her requests and i was here to have fun .. not be a horses bum. That aside the rest of the session was great.

    Despite all that, once Helen overcame some worry about my size, we fucked and we fucked hard. Gorgeous milky smooth skin and a completely bald pussy DATY was a joy and so was 69.

    On her knees she was great with bbbj however when in 69 she went viral and took all of me down her throat until gag and reflex. She was in control however and we were using the mirrors in every was possible.

    In missionary she held my chest until she completely pull her legs bag and told me to fuck her deep. She took it all including some machine gun tapping before we went to doggie where she permitted some soft hair pulling .... she likes it physical as long as it doesn't harm her.

    We had a break and a drink before eating her again and fucking her in missionary while mirror watching.

    This girl is awesome! She commands respect however.

    Photos are accurate

    Jimmy the papasan was a great chaperone

    Helen was lovely but has a strong personality so may not be everyone's taste. She is very stand offish and people may feel the cold shoulder but she is just protecting herself and I get the gist she likes to keep to herself.

    Thanks Crash & Burn for intel ... 100% accurate and great integrity in the info

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    Great review - thank you - detailed and informative - love the pussy presentation info - cheers.

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