Person's Name : Jenny

Establishment : 64 TP

Month/Year of Visit : September 2023

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 9524 1278

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $200/45 (Diamond)

Extras Cost : None

Services Provided This Session : BBBJ, rimming/tromboning, 69, DATY, FIV, pussy-slide, cowgirl, doggie, mish, CIM

Age : 25 - seems right

Size/shape : Pretty, nice hourglass figure (not at all fat), lovely pert D-cups, round butt, fully shaved

Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely - great session

My experience/comments : Sophie has been pestering me to try some of her new girls and she recommended Jenny so I booked her.

Turned up and had a chat with Linda who was standing in reception before the Papasan led me to Jennys room and I paid.

Jenny is pretty and was wearing an incredibly sexy outfit it was a one-piece fishnet thing from shoulder to toe, revealing a lovely, pert pair of D-cups. It was crotchless (she wore no bra or knickers) and totally open at the back showing off her lovely round butt. The photos they use are real.

I told her how much I liked her outfit started playing with her tits and her shaved pussy and Jenny grabbed me through my trousers so I got my cock out and she immediately starting sucking it.

I had to get her to stop so I could take a quick shower and she lowered her outfit to her waist when I returned to the bed.

She asked whether oil was OK and squeezed a load over my chest and cock and also onto her tits and rubbed her tits over me.

Jenny obviously doesnt mind the taste of the oil and she was soon sucking me again.

It was a very good BBBJ no teeth, good use of her hands and nice eye-contact but it was a little bit erratic at times and there was a little bit of FOAMing.

She then moved to lick my balls and perineum and she then pushed my knees up in the air and gave me a good rimming while stroking my cock.

I asked for some 69 and Jenny moved round. This was good with more moaning but she didnt cum.

After some more BJ I got her to lie down for some DATY and I was able to finger-fuck her at the same time. I also withdrew my finger and offered it to her and she eagerly and sexily sucked on it.

I then knelt by her head so she could suck me some more while I rubbed her clit.

I lay down for some more BJ and then guided her up for a pussy-slide.

Time to fuck and she dressed me (it had been confirmed earlier that I could finish in her mouth) and she rode me passionately while I looked up at and played with her lovely tits.

Jenny tired and I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed. This was OK she does have a nice, round butt - but she was positioned a bit too high and no FIA was allowed.

After some mish, with some medium kissing, I lay down and she removed the condom, applied some oil and sucked me again. I soon came in her mouth and she continued sucking me for a good while before going to the sink for a spit and a rinse.

Jenny rejoined me on the bed and we had a chat, mostly via her translator app.

She said she was from Hanoi and has only just arrived in Australia and she told me about her studies. She wants to study English but will work at 64 every day until she is able to commence.

I asked her age and she said she was 25 which seemed right to me. I said Id seen the two other Vietnamese girls there, Lucky and Linda. At first she said they were her sisters (Linda had initially told me that Lucky was her sister) but they use that term loosely and I was then told that the three of them are actually cousins. Jenny was trying to persuade me to have a session with all three of them.

We were well over time and there was no rush to kick me out but eventually I said I should shower and I dressed and left.

Jenny might be new to Australia and to 64 but shes certainly not new to the job.

On my way out I had a quick chat with Lucky and then asked to be introduced to another new girl Id seen on the roster definitely one for my To Do list.