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    Name :KiKi

    Establishment : 64 Taren Point

    Date of Visit : 26/12/ 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 64alexander.com.au

    Phone : 02 9524 1278

    Hours of Business : 10am to 1am

    Rates : $90/30min, $150/hr

    Age :20's, early 30's max

    Size/shape : 155cm, pretty face, lovely long smooth hair, well-shaped no-sag natural C cups, trimmed and shaved down there, cute bum, no flab

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, Daty, 69, FS - at least reverse/forward cowgirl, doggy, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Hell yeah

    My experience/comments:

    Well Boxing Day they only had two on, Kiki and Mona. Both were busy with Kiki due to finish soon in "10 minutes". I've heard that before so off I went to an early lunch. Returning, Mona still busy with her long booking. And Kiki was ready in "10 minutes". So I waited. And 10 minutes it was too.

    I've had Kiki before, she's a good punt. No need to read on. But a review it is so here goes...

    Kiki has a lovely smile and although she was in for a rather hectic day, her infectious smile and enthusiasm never waned.

    First up she apologised for the delay and the fact only two were working today, Boxing Day. She didn't join me in the shower this time and on a slower day YMMV if that's what is on your menu.

    Her BBBJ is very soft although quite deep. If you want to feel more from her lips or tonsils then this would not be your girl. She is rather gentle, albeit deep. She'd also rather do a CBJ so you will need to request for BBBJ. That has happened each time, even though I present as well maintained and clean.

    Her breast glide throughout is divine and she emphasises nipple glides across your dick, for which she does with aplomb. For nipple glide on face you'd need to ask as I don't recall here ever doing that for me. Memo to self for next time.

    Now she had just come off a long session and was keen to lay down on this occasion. I requested she get the riding crop out and don the cowgirl hat and hogtie me and .... wait no... wrong establishment to ask for that. I asked for cowgirl and away she went. You'll love the sight of her tiny cute bum and her stretched pussy lips as she goes up and down. She wasn't lazy.

    In fact I had to ask her to stop so I could enjoy a different view, erm, position.

    It's Christmas time and think of all those stray doggies needing some love and attention as I segue into the next position... tah dah.... doggie!

    On the bed and then at the end of the bed where I could use the mirrors to watch my 12" member pounding... wait no that's a dream... but her cute little bum (did I mention that already?) was bouncing against me before I requested another position change... man I want to cum but just can't make up my mind how I will do it...

    So she really was keen to get on her back now so I guess we both had a "mission" to accomplish as I was by now ready to explode. She moved her legs around a few times and the bed was creaking as I crossed the finish line and Kiki, ever the trouper smiled, although later she admitted she was hurting a bit down there. Poor girl has a long day ahead of her.

    We had a great chat afterwards, her English is not so good but is improving.

    If you can "click" with Kiki you'll have an enjoyable GFE. Be kind, don't be afraid to ask and Kiki will reward you!

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    Just a heads up. Kiki knows me well enough now to allow CIM and she still says "no".

    Her CBJ does have more feeling than the BBBJ as I am sure she is afraid I'll CIM. But that's what happens with a natural GFE when you punt.

    Today went well though. It was already mid afternoon and she said I was her first today and that NYE was so quiet and pretty much very quiet since Xmas. I'd believe that. Don't know how this place stays in business.

    I'd considered punting on NYE, armed with a bottle of champers. Then I got thinking that I'd pay extra for a quite long punt, get myself and the girl drunk and then not get over the line at midnight. That would be sad.

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