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    Person's Name : Lora

    Establishment : 64TP

    Date of Visit : 20th June 2016

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 64alexander.com.au

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : Mid to late 30s?

    Size/shape : Reasonably pretty, tall, curvy, great pair of D-Cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DTBBBJ, Spanish, mish, doggy, COB

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : Where I live has dictated that my previous visits to brothels have been to ones north of the harbour but I had to visit southern Sydney so decided to take the opportunity to sample the stable at 64. Studied the roster, pics and reviews (as always) and chose Lora/Lola (her name seems to change but I think it’s the same girl).

    Turned up on time and led straight to a room and soon joined by Lora – tall, probably mid to late 30s but reasonably pretty and with a good curvy figure and a great pair of D-cups.

    Lora was immediately friendly and cuddly and I showered while she got the room ready.

    She was soon out of her yellow bikini-type thing (as seen in some of the photos on the shop’s website) and was straight down to business, giving me a catbath as she worked her way down and started an excellent BBBJ. Lora employed a variety of very enjoyable techniques, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo, with some great spells of “Spanish” and going pretty deep. And great tongue work with no teeth. She also at one stage kept going to the sink and alternating between mouthfuls of warm water and cold water while blowing me – that was good.

    Lora made it clear that she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth but said I could cum on her tits if I wanted to.

    I let the BBBJ go on for some time as it was so good, but eventually I was over-heating and I got her to lie next to me while I played with her tits and briefly massaged her clit, but she kept stopping me, saying her period was coming soon and it made her too horny (I guess she meant sensitive).

    Time for the raincoat and we started with some slow and steady mish.

    At one stage the song playing over the PA was the old Ricky Valance song “Tell Lora I love her” (Yes, I know, the original was Laura not Lora). Now I am showing my age! I pointed this out to Lora and she listened to the words of the chorus and laughed.

    After a while we changed to some doggy with me standing behind her while she knelt on the edge of the bed. This was great and Lora was getting very vocal and seemed to be enjoying it, with great eye-contact in the mirror by the bed.

    I then flipped her over and stood over her while she lay on the corner of the bed. More loud moaning while I held her ankles next to my ears. I went to rub her clit again but she said “Too horny, too horny”.

    Oddly I was reminded of a great line from the one and only Billy Connolly – “If women are so good at multi-tasking, how come they can’t have sex and a headache at the same time?

    Upon reflection, perhaps I thought of it because Billy Connolly did an amusing version of “Tell Laura I love her” in his own, unique style. (I’m sure you can find it on You Tube).

    Where was I? Oh yes. Tempting as it was just to finish off by filling the dom, I decided I wanted some more of that amazing Spanish, so I extracted myself, lay on the bed and let Lora wipe me down before she resumed between my legs, alternating between her fantastic BBBJ and Spanish.

    She seemed to intuitively know how to lead me towards a climax by some great BJ, followed by some Spanish, a bit more BJ and some more Spanish before timing it perfectly for me to cum whilst being rubbed between her lovely tits.

    No time left for a massage so I showered, as did she, and we chatted while we dressed. She said she was from northern China and had been in Australia for four years. I complimented her on her good English and she said she’d been to school to learn English when she first came her (very commendable).

    Lora is a very shapely, enthusiastic, playful and skilful girl with a great attitude – really good session.

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    Yes, she is a buxom china doll who is savvy too!..

    Thanks for the review..

    In love with ALINA LI.. Angela Chung.. Marica Hase.. Cindy Starfall including Rosie Ly now.. and now too Playboy Playmate YEN HOANG.. add to that Tia Tanaka.. and now Lea Hart.. and the hottest new cougar AKIRA LANE! and now add to that theblackalley model Lolita Cheng.. including now the most beautiful Thai babe I have ever laid my eyes on!.. Ope Maynart Mandsurang.. Now including KPOP BAND SISTAR.. and now Lee Hyori "10 Minutes".. OMG.. MAY THAI.. add to that now LIN LEE.. plus LIU WEN,MING XI, SUI HE and XIAO WEN JU.. NOW IN LOVE WITH YUMI ANNE.. add to that CLARA LEE.. plus AYUMI ANIME and now Tiffany Rain.. plus adding EMBER SNOW..

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