Person's Name : Mona

Establishment : 64 TP

Date of Visit : 4/12/17

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $150/hr

Age : Mid 30s?

Size/shape : Reasonably pretty face, good slim figure, C-cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, mish, doggie, CIM

Value for money/recommend? : Yes, but YMMV - she's a weird, crazy girl, but I find her amusing and she's a wild fuck, but might not be to everyone's taste - could well be one for you if you like "toys"

My experience/comments : Had to head south so I thought I’d combine the trip with a visit to 64.

Called in the morning, spoke to Sophie and tried to book one girl but she was busy so booked another instead.

Got there just in time as the traffic was bad.

Sophie told me that this morning someone had said that the girl I’d booked was not very good so she suggested I see Mona and I was introduced to her.

I immediately recognised her as Candy from 533.

I’ve seen her twice before but she can be quite entertaining (in a weird sort of way) so I decided to have another session with her.

I showered and Mona started the music, stripped and joined me on the bed.

She rubbed her tits over me and then moved down to blow me. She gives a very good BBBJ – starting nice and slowly with great tongue action and no hint of teeth and no interruptions.

She was lying flat on the bed with her legs over the edge and kicking her legs like she was swimming breaststroke, making her rock back and forth (I could watch all this in the mirror on the ceiling). She gradually increased the speed and was soon giving me a very energetic BJ.

I asked for some 69 and she turned round but was babbling something about “Not pussy” so that didn’t last long.

Mona went back between my legs and blew me again.

Mona then asked me to pass her the wash bag that was at the top of the bed.

I remembered from the first time I saw her that she had a load of toys so I went through her bag.

She had a small vibrator, some nipple clamps, two pairs of handcuffs (one was actually larger so I guess that was for the ankles) and a strap-on with two dildos attached. She asked if I wanted her to fuck me with it. I said “No” but I don’t understand the reason for two dildos – surely that’s for her to fuck another girl.

Mona then stood up and got another bag. This contained a load of pink ropes and straps. Mona indicated that some were for the wrists and ankles and there was one for the neck with a dog’s lead attached. There was also a pink feather duster and one of those straps with a ball in the middle which you put round your head with the ball fixed in your mouth – I’ve seen them in porn movies but I’ve never understood what they’re meant to achieve.

I declined when Mona suggested that I try on some of this gear, and she made it clear that it was for me to wear, not her, so she resumed the BJ.

I was close to over-heating so I suggested she get a condom. While she was dressing me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth – she babbled something which I took to be “Yes”.

Mona suggested I go on top so I turned round and she applied some lube and guided me in.

I started very slowly but Mona was soon urging me to go faster.

She had her arms and legs wrapped very tightly round my torso and was vigorously rocking back and forth and she was getting very loud - excellent.

This was too good, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I suggested some doggie and stood at the foot of the bed.

I entered her and soon started fingering her arsehole. She said something about bum and I said “Anal?”. I didn’t understand her response so I withdrew and went to stick it up the backdoor but she writhed away saying “Too big, too big”.

I was now ready to cum so I got Mona to lie on her back and I knelt upright by her head and she sucked me again. It didn’t take long and I soon exploded.

After the tidy up I collapsed on the bed and Mona resumed her usual incoherent babbling. I think she believes she can speak perfect English but she can’t.

She would say something, and I wouldn’t understand her, so she’d grab her phone and use a translator app. This came up with phrases like “Chinese medicine”, “Natural roots” and “Constellations” – I don’t think the phone could understand her either!

I did establish that she was from Harbin in northern China and I tried to mention some of the other girls who work at 533 and 64 but we didn’t get very far.

Time was up and I showered, dressed and departed, having a quick word with Sophie on the way out.

As I’ve said before, she’s a strange girl but I find it quite amusing.

She’s certainly an energetic root and if you’re into handcuffs, strap-ons, etc, she’s definitely a girl for you.