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    Default Ruby

    Establishment : 64 Alexander Avenue

    Date of Visit : 4/10/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : or Ph 95241278

    Hours of Business :10:00am until late..

    Rates : $130 an hour.

    Age : 30?

    Size/shape : Small, quite nice

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese.

    Services Provided :.bbbj,daty,fucking

    Value for money/recommend? : Acceptable but won't rush back 7/10

    Feeling a bit toey so texted the shop, specifically aiming my text at Sophie asking her to recommend a girl for me. In typical Chinese shop style I got a text back with the names of all the girls in the shop today. I let them know this is very average customer service and got a reply back to try Gucci or Ruby. I heard Gucci is ok but no superstar so decided on Ruby, described as can do GFE or PSE on the roster. Hmmm

    Booked Ruby for 6 as she was already booked for a few hours so I was hoping that was a good sign also

    Arrived just before time and waited til it was my turn. She was very friendly on arrival and throughout.

    Started going to work on me but I told her my turn first, so I did my usual job on the nipples to a lot of fake 'oh darling oh darling'. Changed nipples and I think this was her sensitive one as she got a bit more real.

    Down to the pussy, quite a bush she had, and ate her while her hair tickled my nostrils. She was enjoying as I felt how she was tensing and her hands holding mine were getting tighter and she was shaking a little.

    Although I would have loved to get her there, we were well into the hour by now and I'm paying her not the other way around so it was time for me.

    Nice BBBJ and once I was rock hard (which isn't often these days) time to fuck.

    On with the dom and my usual these days. I kept loosing it and needed a bj or hj to get going again.

    Eventually time to give up and she finished me off with a HJ which doesn't happen much these days either, I usually need a very obliging pussy to cum.

    Shower and a hug and off I go.

    Not sure it was a GFE and it definitely wasn't a PSE, but not too bad. Oh she doesn't kiss other than basic on the lips, GFE/PSE? Yeah right. If you are the type that just needs a hole, as many are, any of the girls here will do. If, like me, you need something more than ordinary, you will be disappointed with the quality here now.

    There is another girl on the roster and it says something like 'lots of extra services'. Id like to try her but based on my experience I'd get a vague response if I asked them to elaborate. I reckon her extra services are that she blows up condoms and makes balloon animals with them. Haha

    The search continues....
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    All the quality girls have been moved on or left of their own accord just recently..was checking out the roster today but after seeing a few of the newbies,which were good enough but dont leave you wanting to come back for more its a bit of a disincentive to go there.maybe its just me as I had a regular that ticked all the boxes,(almost)which is hard to get with just 1 or 2 visits..anyway punting is punting,thats how you find the good ones...

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    Actually my above post has nothing to dk with ruby as I havent seen her.maybe mods can move it to the "new management at 64"thread if its more apt...

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