Person's Name : Summer (Listed as Japanese - there are two summers on the roster)

Establishment : 64 Taren Point

Date of Visit : 1/03/2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 02 9524 1278

Hours of Business : 10am to 1am

Rates : 150 ph

Age : Late 20's / Early 30's

Size/shape : Curvy

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese (Roster lists her as Japanese)

Services Provided : BBBJ, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Not for me, might be OK for others

My experience/comments :

Been keeping a keen eye on the daily roster and noticed the new owners of TP64 have fair number of new girls coming. Seen a few and some of them are from 429 in the city.

Anyways, was very keen on seeing Summer (Listed as Japanese – there are two summers on the roster) and could never get a booking with her.

Saw today Summer (Japanese) was on the roster 1/03 and made a booking in the evening.

Turn up, pay and she doesn’t look like anything like the pictures (

She’s has a darker complexion and is shorter than the pictures. A-Cup size boobies in which the bra should be commended how much cleavage in gave. Shes a bit on the curvy side - a nice big arse but a bit wobbly belly jelly. Bubbly personality and looks to be the playful type. Shes speaks Mando and is Chinese. Decided to give it a go - this is punting.

Had a quick token shower (I always shower properly at home beforehand) and on to the bed. She asked if she could put on music and she asked if I listen to western or Chinese songs. She then went for BBBJ with good eye contact but it was very short lived. She would alternate between a single stroke BBBJ and a cat bath (her tongue was everywhere, ears, etc). Not my type of thing but I let her do what she’s comfortable with. It was then when she licked the tip of my nose when I got a whiff of her after dinner breath – that took some juice in my erection away. Taking the hint that the BBBJ efforts wasn’t going to break any records in my punting career, I suggested I get the PPE.
Started off with cowgirl but when the scent of ex-dinner came around, I suggested we change positions. Missionary was fairly successful until her legs wrapped around my glutes restricted full range of motion, I decided it was time for doggy and so I can perform balls deep pounding without any interruptions. After working up a good sweat pounding her rear, I slipped a thumb in her corn hole which she quickly gave me negatory signals. I continued pounding her pussy for fair while until my balls couldn’t hold it anymore and blew into the bag.

She collapsed in a heap saying it was very tiring and commended my endurance. Gave me a quick 5 min massage (more like playing the piano), showered and dressed. Didn’t bother really asking what days she worked, other shops, age, etc and left.

Overall, it was an average experience. Might be suit some punters but not really my type.

Would be more cautious in the next visit to TP64 with the new owners, no more unseen bookings for now.