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    Default Yuki still Yummy. !!!

    Person's Name : Yuki

    Establishment : 64 Alexander Taren Point.

    Date of Visit : 6/12/17.

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 64 Alexander Avenue, Taren Point - Disclaimer. 95241278.

    Hours of Business : 10:00am until late.

    Rates : $150 an hour.

    Age : Yuki looks like a lady in her 30s. (younger than her age).

    Size/shape : Slim. Nice size breasts for her body size. Fully shaven. Very attractive.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese.

    Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY, LFK, occasional DFK. Safe sex in several positions.

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes !!!

    My experience/comments :

    I had the opportunity to catch up with Yuki this week, after quite a while since the last time that I saw her.

    I am very happy that I did, she still has that X factor that is is difficult to explain.

    I have seen Yuki on a number of occasions in the past 4 or 5 years at TP64.

    I would have seen her more often but I was seeing one of the former 64 "legends" almost exclusively.

    They were great days at 64, 4 or 5 years ago. They had an amazing trio of Ladies, Yuki, Cici and E??

    It is always a great start to a session when the Lady is genuinely delighted to see you.

    When Yuki entered the room she cried out in surprise and ran to give me a hug and a kiss.

    Yuki is very attractive and I think that many younger Ladies would envy her slim body.

    She amazed me when she said that she remembered the first time that I saw her because I made her Orgasm.

    Maybe she will remember me for the next 4 or 5 years after today's session too. Ha Ha.

    We had a lot to catch up on, so we did talk for a while just holding each other.

    I know that some guys might think that this is wasting time, but I look on it as "Verbal Foreplay" and it pays off.

    I knew that 1 hour was not long enough to enjoy this catch up with Yuki and I was fortunate enough to be able to extend for a further hour.

    When we got down to business, Yuki started off with an amazing BBBJ.

    It was not fully deep but, her experience showed in her variety and the techniques that she used.

    It is not often that I can come with BBBJ these days, but she certainly had me going and I had to slow her down.

    It was time for me to repay Yuki by giving her some DATY.

    I knelt on the floor at the side of the bed, she was laying across the bed.

    It was one of days when Yuki was feeling very horny.

    She loved it and was soon reacting in positive ways, sounds, movements, wetness, etc.

    She was so close to coming, so she quickly slipped on the dom and I only had her in missionary for a short time before she had a huge Orgasm.

    There was no faking about this it was genuine.

    She was well and truly rooted.

    After some time with me on top, Yuki was almost resting and enjoying the "Afterglow" of her Orgasm, so we switched to sideways doggy.

    It was so good having slow deep sex with this beautiful lady in this position, that allowed easy access to her breasts, external pussy and some DFK.

    Although I tried to prolong the experience, it was not long before I unloaded into the dom.

    There was no rush to move so we just lay there in this position with me still inside her.

    During the session we had lots of touching, hugging and kissing.

    I felt quite special, I know that Yuki does not allow everything that happened in our session with every customer.

    I find that for best results with Yuki and most WLs it pays to treat them with some respect, kindness and show some interest in their lives.

    I could not believe that the 2 hours were nearly up, this is usually a sign that I have had a good time with the Lady.

    I look forward to seeing Yuki again soon, maybe I will treat myself to something special with her for Christmas. ??

    As always. This was my experience with Yuki. YMMV.
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    Person's Name : Yuki

    Establishment : 64 Alexander Taren Point.

    Date of Visit : 10/6/18.

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 64 Alexander Avenue, Taren Point - 64alexander.com.au .

    Hours of Business : 10:00am until late.

    Rates : $150 an hour.

    Age : Maybe 40.

    Size/shape : Slim. couple of tatts, trendy look.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese.

    Services Provided : BBBJ, FS.

    I was driving back from the South on a Sunday, perfect time to follow up on my interest in this shop as they have the best lineup on a Sunday, Angel, Chloe, Mary, Yuki just for starters. I've never seen Yuki before and she was spot on when she said was it the photo that made me choose her. She had on cream crocheted mini shorts, very sexy on her slim but by no mean fit, body. This woman has been blessed with excellent genes and she still resembles the stunner she would have been 20 years ago. Yuki has mixed reviews and I would love to return to see her on a good day. She was very pleasant to talk to, gets by with English language, and is totally professional.

    Yuki gave me a towel and peeled off her military green jacket to reveal a slim body with a couple of tatts (from memory). A perfunctory strip after I showered, she had me line prone back on the bed whilst she performed a pretty good BBBJ, her long legs raising her arse on the angle so I could see her lovely punani in the mirror, boy I wanted a taste of that. No luck, we flip around and gloves me up for mish. This was ok but lacked passion. At this point I decided my challenge was to get over the line, so doggy it was going to be.

    Yuki was very concerned at my size (I haven't seen yours dear reader, but I don't reckon I'm any bigger than average). So a bit of lube and slow entry, gentle start, and soon we were flying. Got there to my satisfaction and Yuki complimented me on getting her through without discomfort (that falls a little short of the level of satisfaction I was shooting for).

    So, I saw Yuki, and I might even give her another shot. She certainly is friendly and professional, well presented and is/was gorgeous. She may have gotten to comfortable with her bi-weekly shifts, roll them in, roll them out. Yuki is a punt in the purest sense.

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