Person's Name : Jenny

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 12 January

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : As above

Phone :95332025

Hours of Business : 10.00am to late

Rates : $80 half hour full service

Age : Thirties

Size/shape : Chubby

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : fs

Value for money/recommend? : Definitely a NO

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)
This place advertises itself as the No 1 Southern Brothel, unfortunately it is anything but. The premises are really run down, the rooms in a labyrinth of an old house, dark, uninviting and quite frankly I would not use their showers.
Upon entering I was greeted by the mamasan, who took my details and temperature. I asked who was working and available but this was completely ignored. I was led into one of the rooms and asked to wait.
Shortly after a lady entered. I looked her over and inquired as to who else was available. My question was clearly not understood as the reply was "you see me."
This is where, stupidly, my cock overruled my brain. I should have walked but instead opted for the half hour.
After the finances were dealt with the girl returned to the room. I asked her name. After much deliberation she told me it was Jenny.
We both undressed and lay on the bed. Nothing spectacular about her body. A bit chubby.
Now this is where she informs me of the "do not do." No daty, no touching pussy, no playing with her nipples, no doggy, no cim. She even tried to charge me extra for natural oral.
She then commenced a cat bath. Starting with my nipples she proceeded to my arms, fingertips, navel and groin area. This went on for such a long time that I had to ask her as to when is the action going to begin.
She then commenced a rather sloppy bbbj. Stopping frequently to spit in a tissue.
Somehow my cock managed to become fully erect. Upon seeing this, the usual "you too big" line was introduced.
Begrudgingly a condom was applied and Jenny lowered herself onto me, but ensuring that I did not fully enter her. So in fact it was just an upbeat pussy slide. I asked for doggy but this was declined.
We then went into missionary position. Again Jenny ensured that I did not enter her fully by clamping her legs together and holding me back.
I knew this was not going to lead to anything thus I asked for a hj finish. Jenny began to stroke my cock but making sure that she was far enough away from me so as that I could not touch her.
Upon my coming, she immediately let go of my cock and ran into the bathroom. I was left to clean myself up.
Upon dressing she did not even have the courtesy of showing out of the place, thus I became confused and ended up at the wrong end of the house.
The mamasan eventually led me out and I told her that I was not at all impressed by the level of service I had received.
This did not seem to worry her. I assume it's probably because she hears this from the majority of punters when they leave.
This is definitely one place I shall not be returning to.