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    Person's Name : Jojo

    Establishment : Hornsby 142

    Month/Year of Visit : June 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://hunterhunnie.com.au/
    Phone :

    Hours of Business :

    Rates : Diamond $150/30min

    Extras Cost :

    Services Provided This Session : CBJ, Mish, CG, CFS

    Age : 0410883855

    Size/shape : Tiny Size 5

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Value for money/recommend? : So-so

    My experience/comments :

    Context: random punt. felt the pull as I was driving past hornsby westfield
    No booking, just turned up

    Jojo was available
    Tiny size 5
    Flat top bits
    Standard looks - ignore the photos
    Age maybe late 20s
    Vajayjay not shaved but trimmed

    Jojo insisted on showering together but very matter of fact and un-erotic. Just did the washing of my chest and cock but I could have done a better job myself
    No kissing and No feeling boobs or nipples were the instructions.

    CBJ was excellent suction wise
    Not DT
    Again no touching boobs no kissing
    Sex not bad - Jojo relatively tight ballsdeep allowed. CFS, Cowgirl then Mish
    Unloaded in her pussy. No CIM avail.
    There was no connection so didnt try DATY. Just did the motions.

    After shower was also together - one of the few times I wished I could shower myself.

    Lucky I paid 30min
    Stayed for 25min

    BJ good but Nah YMMV

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    thanks Slide1000 for your reviews. JoJo has been spruiked to me and I have been tempted. I love small girls. But after my most recent disasters at Mina's House of Pleasures I haven't taken the bait. Better to stick with the old tried and true: Irene, Yumi, Selena...

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