Person's Name : Pink

Establishment : Hornsby 142

Date of Visit : 6/12/17

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $160/hr

Age : 22 (she told me - believable)

Size/shape : Very pretty, amazing slim toned body, enhanced B- or C-cups, cute butt, lovely legs, couple of tatts, untamed bush (and a lovely personality)

Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

Services Provided : BBBJ (for an extra $20), 69, CG, mish, HJ

Value for money/recommend? : Certainly - lovely girl (in spite of the extra for the BBBJ)

My experience/comments : Called the day before to book Pink.

Arrived and Vicky was behind the counter and there was a girl in a black lacy teddy standing in reception. As a result, I sort of ignored Vicky and the following conversation ensued……

Me to Amy: “What’s your name?”
Amy: “Amy”.
Vicky, who’d obviously noticed that I’d ignored her, shouted: “And I’m Vicky!!”
Me: “Yes, but you’re not dressed like that.”
Vicky: “You seeing Monica?”
Me: “No, Pink”.
Vicky: “But Pink’s got an 11:00 booking”.
Me: “Yes, me”

Pink was walking through reception so I followed her and she told me to go up to Room 7 and soon joined me.

I stripped to shower and Pink removed her denim jacket.

Pink has a very pretty face, with lovely long, flowing hair and an amazing slim, toned figure.

While I showered she removed her black, lacy bra and knickers.

She has nice enhanced B- or C-cups, a tight but shapely bum and lovely long legs. She has a couple of tattoos and is unshaved.

She was immediately smiling and attentive but initially slightly reserved.

I lay on the bed and, after some light pecks on lips, she moved down to lick my nipples and stroke my cock, making a couple of “Big” comments.

After a bit she looked up and said “You like” and I said “I’d like you to suck my cock”. She reached for a condom and I asked for “Suck, no condom?” Pink looked a bit reluctant and asked for a tip and we agreed on $20.

Pink knelt beside me so I could finger her pussy while she sucked me and she applied some lube to my fingers.

It was a good BBBJ – nice and slow but very slightly toothy at times and a few (but not excessively so) tissue breaks.

Pink moved round to kneel between my legs and continued to suck me. It was very good when I propped myself up on my elbows because of the lovely eye-contact while she blew me - she really is pretty.

She continuously asked throughout the session whether I liked it and whether I was happy – she clearly aims to please.

I suggested some 69 and she moved round. Very nice and she seemed to enjoy it with some gentle moaning but I’m sure she didn’t cum.

It was getting quite warm in the room and we were both sweating as she lay on top of me, so after a while she dismounted and just blew me some more.

I then suggested she get a condom and she dressed me with her mouth and sucked me a bit more before applying some lube and straddling me.

She was really tight and kept saying “Too big” but she gave it a good go and rode me for quite a while as she got accustomed to my size.

It was brilliant looking up at her pretty face, flowing hair, nice tits and toned figure as she bounced up and down.

Eventually I suggested I go on top and we switched to the mish.

While it was lovely looking at her pretty face in this position, she was clearly in some discomfort so I just went slowly and gently. As a result, I wasn’t going to cum so after a while I withdrew and suggested she finish me off with a HJ, which she did.

We had a bit of time left so I showed her some photos of her home town, Kaohsiung, on my phone.

She asked whether the photos had been taken on my phone and I said that I had an big camera – “You take pictures of me” she said – I wish.

Pink’s English is limited and we had to use her translator app quite a bit, but she is keen to learn and I helped her with some phrases and pronunciation as she repeated the phases on the app.

She told me she is 22 and has been here on about a month and will be starting at school to learn English next month.

Unfortunately, time was up and Vicky was giving us the “Hurry-up” over the intercom.

I reluctantly showered, dressed and departed.

As I said, Pink is very pretty and has a great figure. And she is a really lovely girl. Great session.

On the way out I passed Crystal on the stairs. Very pretty and I told Vicky that I’d be seeing her next. But when I got home I saw from my notes that I’d seen her back in September and I’d completely forgotten.

Too many girls and not enough brain cells!!!!!!!!!!!!!