Person's Name : Samantha

Establishment : Hornsby 142

Month/Year of Visit : June 2022

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :
Phone : 0410883855

Hours of Business :

Rates : $120 30min (premium)

Extras Cost : $50 for BBBJ

Services Provided This Session : CBJ,CFS, Mish, doggie

Age :30s

Size/shape : Slim 160cm?

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Value for money/recommend? : Nah

My experience/comments :

So after experience with Jojo, i decided to give it another spin
Tried Samantha

I must say easy on the eye. Speaks reasonable English
Samantha spent about 5 minutes organising her stuff - I think I was the first customer of the day at 1230pm

Basically very mechanical.
Light kissing only
Didnt try DATY - I got impression Samatha just going through the motions at that stage.
Wanted $50 for BBBJ but because CBJ was very rudimentary I didn't bother.

Sex was better. CFS
Deep penetration in CG, Mish, Doggie
Doggie was best - arse in the air , arched back and shoulders to the bed. hands holding the edge of the bed to push back on my cock.
She took a pounding and was noisy - I wouldn't say screaming but loud enough
Pussy not super tight but acceptable.

Filled the DOM while in doggie. I didnt ask for CIM due to BJ quality.

Ive had better, but a punt is a punt.
Like Jojo earlier (see other post) I didnt feel any connection.
A few hrs after this punt was horny again. Will save up for tomorrow.

Missing the real gals of Hornsby 142