Person's Name : yomi and Christine

Establishment : 142 Hornsby

Date of Visit : 22 aug

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone :

Hours of Business :

Rates : $400 for 90 minutes yomi and 60 minutes christine

Age : yomi 40 christine mid 30

Size/shape : both slim and small and ready to perform

Nationality or Ethnicity : china

Services Provided : DTBBJ FS lesbian

Value for money/recommend? : absolutely

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

I am a regular with yomi. She had suggested a double with Jennifer. I booked and called for a check but Jennifer was switched at the last mintute with Christine.

I was a bit worried as had a previous session with Christine which was an absolutely a disaster.

This however was my best ever double session

Always start with one girl to begin with, not to waste time with the second. So spent half an hour with Yomi with plenty of oil, oral, rimming (very deep) and DFK getting me fully ready for Christine to arrive.

Once Christine arrived however the after burners turned on.

For a while I was on all fours with both girls with oiled hands stroking my balls, ass and nipples with plenty of great DFK.

Then I had both girls licking my cock simultaneously before moving to some great missionay with Yomi while Christine continue to stroke my ass and balls.

The girls then swapped and I found out what a great smooth pussy has with great kissing while yomi went to work on my ass again.

I now got yomi to lick christine while I am slowly stroking into her pussy.

Time for a change, and we had yomi on her knees while I licked her ass and Christine licked her pussy. Back inside Yomi for in missionary until I unloaded onto her stomach. Christine then licked it all up.

Man I could have done this all over again. Just might next week.

Both girls are great but please take care of them. I want to do it all again.