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    Wink Coco - Roseville Rose

    Person's Name : Coco

    Establishment : Roseville Rose

    Date of Visit : 17/07/2017

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Hours of Business : 10 AM till Late

    Rates : $150 / hour

    Age : Early 20's

    Size/shape : 165cm tall, Size 6 - slim build, very cute smile, B Sized breast, manicured pussy - shaven lips

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : french kiss">DFK, BBBJ (extended ), licking of nipples and balls, DATY, 69, Mish, Doggie

    Value for money/recommend? : YES

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    Been pretty impressed with the new working girls at Roseville lately, changing line up, young, and good service (reviews to come). This time Coco caught my eye and made a booking for the afternoon. Arrived on site and was told that she was running 15 minutes late, as i was finished for the day - didn't bother me too much.

    Coco then turns, and she is a stunner - was only dressed in standard underwear, no G-String or lingerie - but that face, smile, body and youth full look - meant that she didn't need any of that. Escorted to the room, and she is already being very playful, little touches, kisses, and helps be undress before heading into the shower. Coco then starts to take off the undies and bra, and wow - amazing body

    As I come out, she helps me dry off and then more french kiss">DFK and nipple sucking. Her English is almost non existence, so very basic communication - but she got the idea of what I wanted. Onto the bed and its kissing and caressing for a good 5 minutes, before she heads south and gives probably the best BJ I have experienced. It's not rushed, start around the balls area, nice and wet, with plenty of eye contact, and mischievous smile. Then up and down shaft, giving the head a good lick before going pretty deep. Once again, very wet, eye contact and make sure that she get a good look at what she is doing

    After about 15 minutes of this, I ask her to get into a 69 and DATY. Very nice pussy, hair on the top half, but lips cleanly shaven - and she taste great. All the time she is giving more BJ - and I am not complaining. We are now half way into the session and on with the dom and MISH position. She is reasonably tight, and flexible as I had her legs around her ear as I pound away, french kiss">DFK - so nice GFE. We then went into doggie, and amazing sight as I slide in and out of her pussy and also get to give her ass a little rub. Interesting with Coco, is that you catch her looking at herself in the mirror in the different position - and she smiles each time I catch her. Back into the MISH, we only have 10 minutes left

    Off with the DOM, for another round of BJ, before she gives me a HJ to completion. Need a few minutes to catch my breath, as my hands roam over her youthful body. It was then time for a shower, before a kiss goodbye

    Coco would be one of the younger girls that I have seen - my guess 20-21 years old. She is very attractive - (body, face and smile), with natural B breast that you can give a good squeeze to. Best part of me would have to be the BBBJ and french kiss">DFK. The only negative is the lack of English - virtually none. That being said, I would recommend ....

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    Person's Name : Coco

    Establishment : Roseville Rose

    Date of Visit : 21.7.17

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Hours of Business : 1000-late

    Rates : 130 for 45min

    Age : 20-something

    Size/shape : 6, b-cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : MLC

    Services Provided : CBJ (my choice), french kiss">DFK, DATY, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    I have been waiting for the opportunity to make a return visit to RR to see Coco, I reported on my visit in June, and was very happy to see that she had returned to the roster.

    I have to admit to some concerns that Coco was working every day, and I was seeing her after several days of work, and later in the day, but as it turns out she still put in the effort to make sure I had a good time.

    We started with a few words, and I have to say her English has improved in the last month or so, last time I was using a few words of my (pathetic) Chinese, but this time Coco's English is already better than my Chinese!

    I showered alone this time, I had only made a 45 minute booking and perhaps felt a little rushed, although it might have made no difference, as the shower in the room we were in was small, and some of the tiles on the floor were broken or missing, so there might have been some OH&S issues with two of us in there.

    After I stepped out Coco was standing there, having removed her G-string and bra, and beckoning me onto the bed. This can be a message along the lines of 'comply with my instructions, I have developed a routine I will not deviate from', but in this case Coco was happy for me to start the session standing with some french kiss">DFK, as I ran my hands over her.

    She is a delight, with great eye contact, and a nice body to explore.

    After I lay down she began a BBBJ, but I asked her to put a condom on, the way she said "Condom?" was as though no one had ever suggested such a strange thing! Given she is such a gem that may well be true!

    She gave an excellent CBJ, I would say making a tireless effort to keep me happy, but definitely not trying to get me to blow and move me out the door, there was no sense of a rush, or time pressure.

    I asked her to turn around, and she readily agreed, her pussy is delicious

    She then climbed on for cowgirl, and we switched to mish and doggie. The only thing I would describe as odd was she didn't want me to go back to DATY once we were in mish.

    I blew in the bag while back in mish, and after a clean-up Coco gave me a so-so massage, although of course I wasn't there for the massage and would have been just as happy to just lie there with her till time was up.

    During the session I did notice her looking in the mirror once, with a smile on her face, it was left to my imagination what this might be about.

    All up it was a good session, and I'll be looking for another opportunity to visit her.

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    Thanks for the review.. might need a detour to see lovely Coco..

    In love with ALINA LI.. Angela Chung.. Marica Hase.. Cindy Starfall including Rosie Ly now.. and now too Playboy Playmate YEN HOANG.. add to that Tia Tanaka.. and now Lea Hart.. and the hottest new cougar AKIRA LANE! and now add to that theblackalley model Lolita Cheng.. including now the most beautiful Thai babe I have ever laid my eyes on!.. Ope Maynart Mandsurang.. Now including KPOP BAND SISTAR.. and now Lee Hyori "10 Minutes".. OMG.. MAY THAI.. add to that now LIN LEE.. plus LIU WEN,MING XI, SUI HE and XIAO WEN JU.. NOW IN LOVE WITH YUMI ANNE.. add to that CLARA LEE.. plus AYUMI ANIME

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    Friday 11th Aug, decided on a FS session, checked the affiliated parlor, and was drawn back to Coco, with memories of the last session I had with her, a number of weeks ago - details above. Booked and arrived at the agreed time. Coco is still stunning, this time with a little more make up - lipstick tasted amazing on her. She said that things had been quiet during the brief chat.

    Session was pretty much the same, and if you are a lover of french kiss">DFK, GFE and BBBJ - then she is the girls for you. Plenty of eye contact, kissing from start to finish and get hard just thinking of the look of that face, eyes looking up at you, as she give a amazing BBBJ. CFS was pretty mechanical, however the BJ and 69 was well over half the session

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