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    Default Crystal at Roseville Rose - I love loud girls

    Person's Name : Crystal

    Establishment : Roseville Rose

    Date of Visit : 11/9/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 9416 7291

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : 31 (she told me - seems about right)

    Size/shape : Pretty face, good slim but still shapely figure, nice C/D-cups, closely trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : LFK, BBBJ, 69, DATY, cow-girl, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - very good session

    My experience/comments : Called to book Crystal.

    This was the first time I’d been to Roseville Rose for six weeks.

    Haven’t been since they started having higher prices for certain girls – what do the other girls think of that? Great girls like Sky, FeiFei, Merry, Bella, Whisky, Elia, etc who are still at $150/hr must be pissed off. Perhaps that’s why some of them seem to be disappearing from the roster.

    I was met by Helen (and the lovely FeiFei was standing in reception). After a brief wait I was taken to a room, told to shower and Crystal soon joined me.

    She has a pretty face and was wearing a short, body-hugging light blue dress.

    Onto the bed and Crystal took a quick shower before joining me and there was a little bit of LFKing.

    She has a good slim but still shapely figure with nice C/D-cups (button-like nipples) and a closely trimmed bush.

    Crystal knelt beside me and rubbed her tits over my torso and then wiped down my cock and lay between my legs and started licking my perineum and balls.

    She then moved up my shaft and started a good BBBJ – no teeth, few interruptions, plenty of saliva, good hand-action and occasional eye-contact (and she also spent a lot of time looking at the action in the side-on mirror right by the bed – I love it when girls do that).

    I suggested some 69 and started gently licking her. She immediately started moaning and this got louder and more intense as I licked her harder and faster.

    She then stopped sucking me and started slapping my thighs and she was almost screaming and yelling “Stop” but she didn’t move away.

    Eventually she pulled away and lay on her side to recover.

    More BBBJ and she was saying “Sex” (her English is very limited) but I said there was plenty of time and got her to lie down for some DATY.

    I went to insert a finger but she immediately asked me not to.

    For about a minute as I started licking her Crystal was having a loud conversation with Helen through the door. At the end she gestured that it was about what she wanted for lunch.

    She then concentrated on what I was doing and was soon very loud again and writhing around while holding onto my head before she eventually pushed me away.

    Again she was saying “Sex” but I said “Suck then fuck” and I lay down for some more BJ.

    At one stage she sensed I was close to cumming and she said “No mouth”.

    I asked her to get a condom and some lube was applied and she straddled me for some cow-girl.

    Crystal had been making plenty of comments about my size (the usual “brothel-speak”, comparing my cock to her forearm, etc) and she was pretty tight but she gave it a good go, with some great facial expressions, and rode me well for a good while.

    When she tired she said “You fuck me” so I suggested some doggie and I was quite surprised when she agreed, but she did ask me to go slowly.

    I was standing by the bed and slowly slid in and out and the whole time Crystal was making eye-contact with me in the large mirror just in front of her face.

    This was very good as she has a shapely bum but after a while I asked her to lie down for some mish.

    More lube was applied and I went slowly at first and gradually went faster, while Crystal was getting loud again, until after a good ponding I squirted.

    I lay down and she tidied me up and started to massage my legs but I got her to lie in my arms and we had a chat, exclusively via our translator apps.

    Crystal said she was from Shenzhen and has been here for seven months. She used to work at Taylor’s in Lidcombe as Mimi but now works at Roseville most days. We had a few laughs over misinterpretations on the apps.

    I showed her the photo from the Roseville Rose website and she said it was her – hard to be sure but it looks about right.

    We were now over time and we showered and dressed and I departed.

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    Newboy I'm with you, Love Ladies that are Loud, it makes it so much more intense and mind blowing

    Pity Crystal is not into FIV as I love playing exploring a lady's tunnel before the bat gets a go

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