Person's Name : Judy

Establishment : 104 Roseville Rose

Date of Visit : Friday in August

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Roseville Rose - A fully licensed brothel providing high quality service by beautiful Asian girls.

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : 90 half, 150 hour

Age : late 30s/early 40s

Size/shape : slim, athletic B cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai

Services Provided : catbath CBJ Anal

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

Judy has been on my to do list for a while thanks to the many reviews here. I arrived early at Roseville without a booking but Judy was ready and willing. She arrived full of energy in what looked like a tight fitting gym outfit and I was wondering if she was on her way to a workout? Little did I know she would later be exercising on me! This girl is all about service. After a shower together and onto the bed she started some catbath and things ramped up fast from there. With her on top the catbath continued and she straddled my thigh and started grinding, quickly getting my thigh quite wet. This girl has energy. Soon a condom went on for CBJ (I prefer covered) and she had me rock hard. Her technique was very good and I soon was close to cumming so shifted positions and she climbed on top. I tried to suggest anal but she had already slipped me in what I think must have been her pussy. It felt good and I wasn't able to last more than a few seconds so I just went with it.

After a short rest and some light massage it was time for round 2. Judy was still very energetic and after some more CBJ had me hard again and then said the magic words "Would you like to try my ass?" "yes!"
she got herself and me lubed up and I prepared to enter, but, unusually for me the first round seemed to have sapped my strength and I was only at half mast. We spent a very long time trying to get going in doggy before she took matters into her own hands and climbed on top for some cowgirl anal. This sort of worked but I still wasnt getting traction and I could feel the condom slipping around with all the lube so I asked her to climb off. Most WL would have given up at this point but not Judy. After some cleanup and with a fresh cover put on we made another attempt at anal, this time in mish. Success! My strength had finally returned and oh what a pleasure it was to feel myself inside Judy. Based on the reviews she does a lot of anal but nevertheless her back passage felt very tight and she was clean as a whistle. She encouraged me as I picked up speed and depth. Judy was moaning loudly and shouted 'yes fuck my ass' just as I heard some other bloke talking and walking by outside which somehow added an exciting level of perversion to the situation. Maybe I have some exhibitionist tendencies yet to be discovered. Next she was yelling for me to cum in her ass, which I did in strong and satisfying final strokes before collapsing in a heap on this lovely lady.