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    Default Kiki - Roseville Rose

    Person's Name : Kiki

    Establishment : Roseville Rose

    Date of Visit : 08/08/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : as per website

    Hours of Business : 24hr?

    Rates : standard service 150/hr

    Age : mid 20's

    Size/shape : Average with DD, photo on website is her.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Malaysian?

    Services Provided : I wanted standard service with BBBJ

    Value for money/recommend? : I'll return

    My experience/comments :

    So this my the first punt since shutdown.
    I was dipping my toes in the water as I didn't know how the quality of the shops since reopening. I have to say that the descriptions that RosevilleRose operators put on the girls profiles is awesome. And, you known, on review, the description of Kiki is accurate.

    Kiki isn't a head turner in the reception, more average, but her personality shines through and makes her a great package.

    After the usual shop antics of trying to find a room (listen to see if it occupied, and peeking inside!).
    Onto her service, a good bbbj, with a great technique with her hands, she knows the spots to touch to get a reaction, there wasn't any just grab and move the hand up and down as fast as possible.
    Condom, me on top, her on top with great grinding which she got off on. I wasn't quite finished and got her to suck me a bit more, before a finish on her boobs. (great boobs too!).

    Prior to the shut down, there were many girls that I would go back and see, but with Kiki, I definitely will book her again.

    It was PSE, but really good gfe service.

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    Person's Name : Kiki

    Establishment : Roseville Rose

    Date of Visit : 25/07/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : as per website

    Hours of Business : 24hr?

    Rates : standard service 150/hr

    Age : late 20's / early 30's

    Size/shape : maybe 5'6" medium body great shape natural C/D exquisite nipples, photo is her with little tattoo on left breast

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Malaysian

    Services Provided : Full service with BBBJ, DATY, 69

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes I'll be back

    My experience/comments :

    Putting toe back in the water after covid close down, good complinance from mgt with temp test and details recorded

    Meet Kiki and she was playful and a little cheeky at reception

    Into the room and I let her slowly undress me to expose the toys I had on with nipple clamps, balls ring and then to her surprise the penis plug and she gets a twinkle in her eye

    I into the shower quick and ask her not to undress as I want to remove her skimpy attire

    Once dry she is stroking the bat and still very intrigued by the penis plug and wants to take pics which I allow her to do.
    Slowly I undress her caressing her breasts with my tongue and bingo her nipples spring out and extend to about 2 cm long as I suck them and she moans
    I lay her back on the bed and move south removing her g-string with my teeth and run my tongue back up the inside of her legs to a well trimmed pussy and lovely lips
    Moving back to her very erect nipples I offer her some clamps and says yes, I slowly applying pressure but she takes over and winds them up tighter with a big smile on her face
    I'm back between her legs with my tongue as deep into her tunnel as she rubs her clit on my nose

    The bat is screaming out for attention so I layback and show her how to play with the penis plug teasing me sliding it up and down until I ask her to remove it and suck

    Wow and does she suck well tongue flicking under the head and then been buried deep down her throat as she pumps up and down gripping the base of your cock and she wonderfully takes you to the limit and then easing off multiple times causing your balls to ache and want to explode
    I suggest 69 and she swings around on all 4's and I slide underneath her we suck each other silly for what seems hours as it feels so go

    Kiki then swings off, dom's the bat up and impales on the bat in one smooth move as her pussy is so hot and wet from the DATY
    She grinds away in Cowgirl as I tweek her hard nipples
    We roll over into missionary for a while and then up into some Doggie whilst I tease her rose petal (no finger insertion)
    Finally back to missionary on the corner of the bed with me standing on the floor with Kiki's legs spread wide I slowly increase the tempo and she pinches and squeezes my nipple hard until I orgasm and collapse on her

    Kiki did not get over the line but she loved the clamps and next time with a little more DATY and maybe a FIV she may explode as well

    Unfortunately she has not been on the roster for a while and even now I see her profile has gone of the website

    Does anyone know where she has gone ?

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