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    Person's Name : Capri

    Establishment : 244 Paddington

    Date of Visit : 7/02/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Best Paddington Brothel in Sydney CBD | 244 PADDINGTON

    Hours of Business : 10am to late

    Rates : $160 30min

    Age : late 20ís

    Size/shape : tall and busty. Good figure

    Nationality or Ethnicity :Australian

    Services Provided : bbbj,

    Value for money/recommend? : no and pls avoid it if u want to save ur money

    My experience/comments :
    Rainy day feel want to see agirl so decide to check at 244 and found out Capri in the roster
    texted the shop and she is available then i go there immediately
    in the line up i saw only Capri and shakira but made me confused suz shakira quite pretty and friendly at the end i decide to see Capri since she is not to often in the roster
    she enter the room and asked me to shower then she took off her clothes
    after dry off i lay down on the bed the she start with bbj which not much really into it cuz she keep spitting on my dick with her hand on it
    told her that im ready and she asked to dodgy which is im ok with it but what make u turn off is she keep asking me if im already cum then i told her let missionary
    she tried to hold tight her legs which make me very hard to thrust in to her pussy
    i tried to fondle her boobs but she keep moving her body which make me hard to kiss her boobs
    at the end she asked me dodgy but im already totally pissed off with her attitude cus my little bro already totally down and very upset
    i quickly jump to shower and she doesnt even bother with me if im upset or not
    she ushered me to the front door to walk out but i said i want to talk with reception
    i said to the reception about her attitude and im not even cum yet but the reception told me time is up
    we had abit chat then i asked about angela but she is not in yet,so the reception girl decided to rang angela and she only give discount for my next visiting for only 20 bucks and she told if i want i can try shakira for 30min $110
    after i think abit what should i do then i deicded to try shakira since i seen her very calm and friendly
    will wriet AR for shakira when i get a chance

    overall pls avoid this oz girl totally not worth it at all, i will prefer watch porn by myself but i not sure if she is ok with others

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    Sorry mate she not often with us sounds like we should forget
    244 Paddington
    1/244 Oxford Street, Paddington.

    Phone: 0450 754 244
    WeChat: 244 paddington 0450754244 / Michelle12345WU

    Speak to Shane
    Speak to Angela

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    Yeah very shame she has good body but bad attitude and service and if possible my suggest is if u are not sure how the girl is good or not never put the price as VIP which is people would like to expect her service as VIP when they pay VIP service otherwise we the punters will only throw our cash into drain and never say the girls is good when is not

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