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    Person's Name: Coco

    Establishment: 42 Gladesville

    Date of Visit: 19/9/18

    Phone : (02) 9807 8825

    Hours of Business: 10am - 4am

    Rates:$250 with special

    Age: 20's i think

    Size/shape: Lucious and athletic

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese i think)

    Services Provided: Full Service

    Value for money/recommend?: The Full PSE experience

    My experience/comments:
    Rock up to 42 Gladesville and was hoping Leila was on but unfortunately not but COCO was available which was odd cause shes really popular, thought i cant pass this golden opportunity up. Shower as usual and Coco eventually walks in all giggling and happy, she joins me quickly and introduced herself with her mouth for some great DFK. She a very passionate girl who knows how to make you squirm. Im rock hard from the get go and she has me fully taken in from bottom to top with BBBJ. I join her on the bed for some more DFK and i needed time to calm down so ask to go DATY on her and she agress. Eating her out i think i made her cum and gave me time to keep my cum in too, she says "I want you inside me". She keeps going with the BBBJ before i cant take i anymore and cum in her mouth, never happened before but man can she work wonders with the mouth. Spent from the cum we relax for 15min talking on the bed before she has me rock hard again. She hops on top for some cowgirl and with my hands on her boobs and ass, im thrusting her back and forth, feels so surreal like i imagine a pornstar would feel. We change over and i have her doggy on the bed side. For a cute girl she has a killer ass to die for and before i know it i had cum again. She cleans me up but with 5min left she wasent done and continues to fondle and play untill i get the queue that show was over. A great experience and would 100% go back for her and hopefully Leila when shes on again.

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    Person's Name : Coco

    Establishment : The Nightshade

    Date of Visit : 7/10/18

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Sydney Brothel |The Nightshade Establishment | Best Brothel

    Phone :9807 8825

    Hours of Business : 1000-0400

    Rates : 150 for 30 minutes (Coco only does 'diamond' service)

    Age : late 20s - early 30s

    Size/shape : 6 (ish) c-cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : MLC

    Services Provided : BBBJ DFK DATY FS (GFE)

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    I called in the daytime to try booking another lady, she wasn't available for a couple of hours, so I decided when I was nearby to drop in and check out the lineup. The lineup consisted of only 2 girls, one of whom was Coco . I had seen a review of Coco, although I was thinking the other girl was quite cute until the manager told me how popular Coco is. Often I would ignore such suggestions, as I usually figure they just want to make the girls happy and if it's quiet share the work around, but I already had an idea I would like to see Coco.

    Coco gave the shortest of introductions (and appeared a little stand-offish) originally, but once I was in the room and she appeared she was warm and friendly. I showered, and not knowing what the routine would be for a 30 minute booking didn't hang around in there to see if she joined me, but in future I would wait and invite her in.

    Once on the bed Coco began with kissing on my body, even her kissing my arms was quite sensual, it was a little while before she got to my cock, but once she did I was on the receiving end of a sensational BBBJ. Coco is an expert, she also worked her way to my balls, and then paused for a bit, with DFK and kissing elsewhere before returning to BBBJ.

    I got her to swing around and began dining on her delightful shaved pussy, she was very responsive and got quite wet (it was possible to taste the difference between my saliva and her natural juices). I put a finger on her vulva, and her pussy muscles were contracting and my finger was slowly disappearing into her very tight pussy.

    I didn't want to finish the session without getting to fuck her, so I asked for the dom to be applied (I'm not able to cum twice within 10 minutes so it was one or the other). Coco squatted and began working her magic, she was very tight and I couldn't last long (in part the result of her fantastic BBBJ), so I squirted in the bag without getting to any other position.

    There was just time for her to clean me up and squeeze on my thigh (would have been a quick massage) when the time was up.

    All up an excellent session. Recommended.

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    Person's Name: Coco

    Establishment: 42 Gladesville

    Date of Visit: September

    Phone : (02) 9807 8825

    Hours of Business: 10am - 4am

    Rates:$150/30minutes (Diamond)

    Age: I'd say mid 30s

    Size/shape: Slim, Pale Skin, Size 6

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese

    Services Provided: BBBJ, Rimming, FS

    Value for money/recommend?: Yes

    My experience/comments:
    I haven't had a really nice DT BBBJ in a while and felt the urge to satisfy those needs immediately. Being in the area, I pull over in a side street and start browsing the forum and 42's website to see who was available that day. My research told me Coco would deliver, so I called and made a booking in high anticipation.

    Coco entered the room, and I would say she is at least mid 30s however that doesnt detract from her beautiful eyes and warm smile. She didn't speak much, but was all smiles and giggles as she helped me undress and lead me to the shower. During the shower, she makes sure every part of my nook and cranny of my body was soaped and rinsed before she began apply soap on her body and began a nice body slide using her tits and ass. Gliding her ass over my cock she grabbed my hands and guided them to her tits to which I massage gently. She turned around and did some nipple sucking and light FOAM which was a nice touch before she headed south and gave me a nice BBBJ in the shower.

    I say lets move to the bed, so we dried up and I lay there where she proceeded with BBBJ and had no problems gagging her way all the way to the base of my cock. She slid back up and used her tongue very nicely flickering it around the tip and shaft and down to my balls. This was on repeat for ages which felt amazing, before she went back up and shoved my cock deep in her mouth up and down. Watching my cock disspearing down her throat in the side mirro felt like I was in my own porno. lol

    Anyway onto the fucking, she jumped on top and grinded and bounced away on my cock and it appears she was genuinely enjoying her time. She doesn't have much of an ass, so instead of doggy I flip her over to missionary and pound away. She has a nice tight shaven pussy, and I enjoyed watching her moan and squeal with pleasure as I fucked her nice and hard. She sucked my nipples too whilst on top which positively added to my overall experience.

    I finish in the bag, and she smiles and we exchange pleasantries.

    Overall, I would recommend if you're looking for someone that can provide an excellent BBBJ and CIM service(which I did not do as I wanted to finish in her pussy(Dom))

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