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    Person's Name : (K) Mina

    Establishment : Nightshade 42

    Date of Visit : 23/08/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Sydney Brothels - The Nightshade Establishment | Adult Services | Gladesville |

    Phone : (02) 9807 8825

    Hours of Business : 10am to 6am

    Rates : 250/hr

    Age : late 20's to early 30's

    Size/shape : Slim, B-cup

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Korean

    Services Provided : BBBJ, Bodyslide, LFK, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : No

    My experience/comments :

    Rocked up to Nightshade 42 for the first time ever, I've been eyeing their wechat pictures for so long that I finally decided to do the drive there. Reading previous reviews, it seemed like the girls were young and in their 20's. From the pictures, I've been eyeing Korean Mina for a while and I thought - Fuck it, let's goooooooooo.

    Waited inside the waiting room first to get the name and number check. Then, she came in and walked me to her room. First impression was she looked really pretty but she also looked slightly older, first guess would have been she looked early 30's as marks were showing. However, she had her makeup done in hot Korean slutty model way which really made you want to fuck her. She leads me into the room where she showers me off and then she showers herself. She says she doesn't get many Aussie guys picking her and it's usually Asian as she looked at the big fella, telling me how she's gonna fit that in.

    She pulls me towards the bed for an initial bodyslide session which felt quiet good actually, I do rate that - very sensual and very well done. Then she turns me over for a sensual BBBJ.

    Nice. Slow. Deep.

    I had to pull her head out because I felt I was gonna blow my load early. So she doms me up and gets into cowgirl. Now, personally for me this is where it went downhill. Upside, her pussy was tight as fuck. Downside, is that she was focused more on taking the big fella and dealing with him, which also made it a bit of a starfish experience. It was pretty much eyes closed and not engaging, which sucked because she was pretty as fuck but it felt like a one way fuck. For a diamond service that I payed for, it felt more like a standard/premium as per their rates page.

    I blew my load after 10 minutes to which she gives me a very good massage, cracked heaps of knots.

    Overall, I'd like to come back to the venue and see the rest of the lineup, there seems to be a good amount of girls working and they all look pretty from the pictures, so I'll be walking in without a booking and seeing how things fare.

    - Batman

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    Thanks for the review!

    I was hoping to select her one time but she got picked pretty fast...

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