Establishment : Nightshade Establishment

Date of Visit : Jan 2021

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :2/42 Buffalo Road, Gladesville
Phone : 02 9807 8825

Hours of Business : 10am - 6am

Rates : 30mins / $150 diamond

Age : mid 30s

Size/shape : size 8, C Cups bolt ons

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, FS, Catbath, DATY

Value for money/recommend? : No

My experience/comments :
I booked site unseen, on arrival went straight into the room,
First impressions- she is cute, very cute.
After the shower I lay on the bed and cat bath begins while Iím grabbing her tits, moving into a BBBJ while she didnít DT it was ok,
She then asked for DATY which I obliged spreading her out (No - FIV or FIA) although did rim her a bit which she seems to like.

On with the dom for some missionary - hottest part her rubbing her clit while in missionary and moves herself around my cock. She said she cum. I ask for doggy - we start off very slow on her request, gradually with a bit more momentum .... and basically time is up I thought to myself hmmm I know it sometimes takes me a bit to come but felt short and way I shower and get dressed - definitely short was in the room total for under 30 mins. Let alone waiting for her etc.

Nice rack, Long nipples
Nice body


WIR - No sorry.

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