Person's Name : Yoko

Establishment : Nightshade Establishment

Date of Visit : 22/11/20

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :2/42 Buffalo Road, Gladesville
Phone : 02 9807 8825

Hours of Business : 10am - 6am

Rates : 60mins / 230 Diamond

Age : Late 20s

Size/shape : size 8-10, C Cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBJ, FS, GFE

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

Been a fair while since I punted so was feeling a bit up for it. As always 3 hours with me even If I haven't seen the lady before. I felt pretty confident picking Yoko given her consistent reviews on various sites. She was as she is in her pictures, a lovely attractive lady. Not super toned or thin but beautiful to my eyes all the same. Still in pretty good shape.

Her english was limited but enough to have a bit of conversation and google translate was always there to help us along. She had a bit of routine which I let her get into but she chilled pretty quickly and we went for 3 rounds over the course of the 3 hours. Her BBBJ has been raved about a lot and while I can't fault her effort or technique I was just a little to big. But you can tell she's a pro as she soon caught on that it wasn't my favourite and so didn't return to it again.

The sex itself was great she has a fair bit of stamina but perhaps isn't on the level someone like Rose from Ginza or the Coco of old 42. It was more than enough for me. We did also get to spooning which for one reason or another has never really worked out for me in the past. But it did today and seemed to be her favourite position so that certainly worked for me. She enjoyed some DATY and her kissing while on the closed lipped side was still enjoyable.

Her description as the service queen is pretty accurate, she was always looking to do something, a massage here (which was pretty good) a cat bath there, She even cracked out a few movies on her phone when she could see I wanted to chill for a bit. A few showers over the course of the time too, the first one involved a bit of BBBJ too as you'd expect.

A great punt overall but not so much that I will instantly return to see her might try someone else next time. If you see her in the line up though you won't walk away unhappy.