Name - Alina from M5
Address - 5 Gerald St, Marrickville
Price - $230 for hour
Ethnicity - Asian / Chinese
Height - Pocket rocket 150-155cm
Build - Slim with B/C cups
Weight - My estimation is 40-45kg
Face - Above average with a bit of cuteness
Service - top notch, especially the BBBJ.

Long time lurker here, even before the days the old forum became archived but could never be bothered to registering until recently.

First time review so please go easy on me guys.

2018 has been an amazing year for me so far, work has been good to me and my boss gave me a pay rise which I didn’t tell my wife about and this means I have had extra money for punting at least once every week ��

The quality of the girls across all shops have definitely increased, gone are the days where you would go into a shop and find 8 old milfs to every 2 young gems. Obviously, there are still milfs (even in higher end shops) but the ratio is now 8 young gems to 2 milfs, total turnaround from the old days.

Might be due to the fact that China is now modernising at a rapid rate which means girls want to be able to make a good life for themselves and see this as the best way to do it. I must say, I am more than happy to help fund their dreams in this way ��.

Even the milfs have improved this year, probably cause they realised they need to provide better services to compete with the young ones (extra services like DD, DATY, DFK, pussy sliding, Fingering etc)

Anyways, I first saw Alina during a lineup when she did her short stint at Gladesville 42 and was always meaning to see her. But was hooked on Coco from the same shop at the time.

Unfortunately, by the time I got over Coco (She gave awesome DD but I had to give up on her since too many other delicacies to try, lol), Alinahad come off the shop roster and I have been patiently waiting for her to come back.

Finally couldn’t wait any longer so made the trip down to marrickville to see her today.

Booking was easy enough and when I got there I found that the place is now much larger with more rooms which are no longer dingy like before.

Into the room and Alina came in right as I was having a shower. She quickly made the preparations and joined me.

Gave me a good scrub down while i kept my hands busy navigating her perfectly shaped B/C cup breasts and , she looked like a little AV star and the way she sensually washed my pole while leaning into me and staring at me with those , I already knew it was gonna be a great session.

She started off getting me to lie face down while giving me a quick massage before she started a bodyslide on my back. Her nipples rubbing on my back and ass crack felt amazing and I could already feel myself getting hard. The way it was going, it seemed like she was going to go down the DD route, I certainly didn’t want it at this point (I usually like girls to DD me only on return visits, didn’t go DD with Coco until visit number 2 as well, just my style) so I signalled to her that I wanted to turn over.

I then turned around and could see I was at full mast already and was extremely turned on. Alinaalso knew this and gave me a cheeky grin and chuckle.

Once turned over, she did more sliding and catbath then proceeded to BBBJ, it felt amazing. She has a small mouth so the stimulation she can give with it can easily be too much if you ain’t careful.

I was actually worried that I would blow my load early given I was so excited. So I decided that I would DATY her first.
Got her to lay on her back with her legs spread while I feasted on her. She is fully shaved except for a little bit on the top.
She was so responsive in DATY with the moans and lip biting. It didn’t take long before she was over the top. It felt so great for my pride to be able to make such a beautiful young girl so excited and wet (I’m by no means a pro in this department).

She then dommed me up for the main course, with her on top first, this was a delight since she was able to maneuver herself in a variety of positions and angles which felt so stimulating for me and pretty sure by the way she was acting, her as well.

I had to stop her after 5mins as I felt the urge to blow.
Next was missionary as I spread her legs wide and started drilling away as hard and fast as I could. It was absolutely heavenly, she was so responsive to my every thrust until I finally couldn’t cope with it and blew my load and collapsed while still inside her, after a few mins I finally got off her and laid on my back, still buzzing from what had just happened. She got up and cleaned me up, even cleaned all the sweat off my face, such a GFE.

Laid down and started chatting with her with the little time left (by the way she was touching me, I’m sure she would habe been up for round 2 but I was spent!!) She was actually quite surprised when I told her I came to Marrickville after catching a glimpse of her at Gladesville. She was so surprised, kept asking why since she thinks there is so many other prettier girls in the lineup (don’t think she knows she is actually up there with the best).

I told her I will start seeing her again over next few weeks before I got going (really wanted to try CIM in that little mouth of hers), however, saw quite a few beauties on my way out so may not be able to keep the promise. Fresh pussy is always better even though the session I had with her was the best I had in ages. However, will definitely be back for her after I try the rest ��