Person's Name : Jay

Establishment : 5 Marrickville

Date of Visit : 29th January 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am to 4am

Rates : $190 premium incl shower and bbbj

Age : 19. nnnnnnn 19. Yes siree 19

Size/shape : miniature doll like. Little A cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : Bbbj and DATY and shower together

Value for money/recommend? : WTF she is 19. Of course itís value for $

My experience/comments :

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Well, after reading Mr Fuglyís and Boaterís excellent reviews of teenage Jay, I just had to make a booking today to sample her young teenage body. Rude not to.

Punterman likes MILFís and he also loves teenagers.

I arrived at the shop on time and beautiful little Jay was waiting for me at reception. She is such a young, cute little thing that my cock was bulging in my shorts before I had even paid the receptionist. I couldnít believe what was in front of me and that fairly soon, this young lady would be sucking Puntermanís cock a doodle do in the shower.

Boater described her as one of those cute little teenagers that you see walking around Sydney. Mr Fugly described her as almost illegal to have sex with as she looks so young. Both are perfect descriptions of Jay.

I paid for one hour and Jay held my hand and took me to the room. She was dressed exactly as her new photo on wechat. White shirt, little black mini skirt and tall fluffy white stilettos. Woo hoo.

Into the room and Jay strips off and I take a long look at her perfect cute body. She is so small and perfect in every way. Perfect little face, perfect little bum, perfect little titties and perfect little shaved pussy. Nice smile as well.

She washes me gently in the shower with her small hands and I play with her little itty-bitty titties which are so soft and feel like young, still budding breasts. Now it really did feel illegal !!

Both previous reviews have mentioned how good her bbbj is, so I laid back and let her do her stuff. Watching her little mouth wrap around Puntermanís big sausage was pure porno and before long she was taking me deep into her mouth and squeezing my cock with her throat. She stares you deep in the eyes to see what you like, then gives you more of that. Awesome.

For a young girl she definitely has some good skills. As she sucked my cock, her little titties were dangling down and I was playing with them and fingering her beautiful little nipples.

I was concerned that due to her small size I might have trouble fucking her. I have been with similar girls before like Michelle at 42 Gladesville who was very small and tight and fucking her was a bit of a problem. I eased myself gently in with Jay and she did manage to take a good length. By now her pussy was nice and wet so we had a some nice fucking in mish, doggy and cowgirl. Doggie was great watching my pork sword going in and out of that beautiful pussy and holding her little bum and cowgirl was great as she jumped up and down on me, her little breasts wobbling like small jellies.

She did translate at the start that she was scared of my big cock. She showed me on her stomach how far up her pussy it would go and did a bit of a throat cut movement and a gulp of the mouth. She has a good sense of humour.

I really wanted to see if I could get her to orgasm so I asked her to lie down. She opened her little legs to reveal the most beautiful shaved pink pussy. I licked my lips and slowly started to get her juices running by giving her some nice tongue action. She laid back and was gently playing with her breasts and nipples with her eyes closed as I slowly licked her to a beautiful, strong orgasm.

I donít think there is anything better than feeling a teenage girl orgasming next to you. Sheer bliss.

Time was almost up and I wanted to finish in her mouth so I asked her to suck me gently. I slowly wanked off some Punterman cream all over her lips and down her throat as I came with a strong squirt into her cute little mouth.

Jay is quite the experience. She is young and cute but what I most liked about her was her gentleness. She is not a PSE, treat her gently and kindly and she responds.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.