Person's Name : Jane
Establishment : 5 Gerald Marrickville
Date of Visit : Jan 2020
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : No 5 Gerald St Marrickville
Phone : 02 9519 9009
Hours of Business : 10 am till late
Rates : 230 ph diamond
Age : 28
Size/shape : size 8, 166cms, light brown hair
Nationality or Ethnicity : Korean
Services Provided : bbbj, fs, cim, daty
Value for money/recommend? : yes

My experience/comments : Arrived at the shop 5pm asked if I had a booking - yes with Jane. Asked how long I wanted to stay for and what service level - an hour of diamond please! Paid the damage and led to the room.

Room is nice, however needs more mirrors - ceiling mirror would be awesome. Dedicated shower for the room however toilet is in a separate room. Undressed and took a shower and about 5 minutes later Jane comes in. Very pretty girl, glamorous look to her. Lashes, nice white skin (although her skin was a bit dry as most WL’s are due to excessive showering), wearing big hoop earrings, nails were done on hands and feet, nice makeup, shes got a pretty big tattoo on her lower back on the right side of her waist. I have this thing for Korean girls and everything about her was consistent with my reasons.

In my eyes she was hot but ironically also cold. She says hi as she comes in while I’m still showering and I respond with a hello. Bit of awkward silence, I continue showering and ask for some mouthwash. No conversation. I thought to myself “well at least she’s fucking hot!”. Finished my shower, she hands me a towel and tells me to lie face down on the bed while she takes a quick one.

Dries herself off and begins cat bathing me on my back. Very sensual especially with her nice tits and pronounced nipples rubbing against me. Drop a little compliment on her skin and it’s received well. No rimming unfortunately. About 5 mins of this and told to turn around and she continues cat bath on my nipples and around my groin. Massive tease, pulls my semi erect cock up and licks my balls. I compliment her again on her beauty hoping she would warm up a bit. Ball licking continues and this feel fucking great, her tongue is so soft, warm and wet and the swirling action is very arousing. Cock’s standing up strong like the Vietnamese against the Americans now, and she begins bbbj.

Honestly the bbbj wasn’t great, mostly sucking the tip and a bit up and down motion and some handjob. But she’s hot and I’m horny so this works out. I ask for 69 and we enjoy each other for a few minutes then she gets off and continues sucking me. I ask for CIM and she obliges but request I let her know when I’m about to cum and wasn’t long before I erupt in her mouth and she doesn’t let go til the tap runs dry. Fucking awesome.

She gets up and spits out my pride in the shower where she quickly washes herself, I’m still lying on the bed gathering my thoughts. I take a quick shower and she offers me one of her cigarettes and we have a nice chat about variety of topics. Warming up now! She’s a fun and very lovely person once she warms up to you. About 15 minute rest (smoke and chat) and I ask for round 2 - I want to try her pussy before leaving.

Cat bath to start with then I request for ball licking. Little me is hard again before she takes me in for bbbj. Dom up, missionary and then spoon to completion whilst grabbing her nice titties. The alarm goes off, great timing. Took another shower and she helps me get dressed. She’s not staying much longer, heading back home to Korea in a month or two. Told me her real age was 28 when I enquired in between rounds, but she could easily pass for early to mid 20s. Didn’t try DFK unfortunately but think it’s on offer at diamond rates. Very glamorous looking girl who takes care and pride in her appearance. In her high school years, I reckon she’d be the one that most of the boys would nominate as the hottest in their grade.