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Thread: Misa at 5 Gerald St.

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    Default Misa at 5 Gerald St.

    Person's Name : Misa

    Establishment : 5 Gerald St. Marrickville

    Date of Visit : 11 February

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : As above

    Phone :95199009

    Hours of Business : 10.00 am to late

    Rates : $150 half hour Diamond

    Age : Early thirties

    Size/shape : Small/thin

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Japanese

    Services Provided : dfk, bbbj, fs, cim

    Value for money/recommend? : YES

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)
    Following my very enjoyable encounter with Shirley at this establishment the previous week, I decided to pay another visit.
    I noticed that the roster included two Japanese ladies. I called in, without making a booking, enquired if any of the Japanese ladies were available and was told by the papasan that it would be a fifteen minute wait.
    No problem, I will wait. In the meantime would I like to see the other girls. Why not. And again I was shown an array of fine looking young ladies. I mentally made a note as to whom to see next time.
    Soon I was informed that Misa was ready for me. I was shown into a very large room with its own facilities. I have to say that, from my perception, all the rooms here are well presented.
    Misa walked in wearing a bright red dress. We introduced ourselves and immediately dfk was commenced. This was followed by a visit to the shower.
    Misa is not a very big girl but has well proportioned breasts. She has a bubbly personality and although her English is limited she truly makes and effort at conversation.
    In the shower Misa leathers me up and then turns her back to me, placing my cock between her cheeks and rubbing herself on me.
    After getting dried we lay on the bed where Misa positioned herself between my legs and began bbbj. She is very good at this and I have to ask her to slow down as she is bringing me to the brink of blowing.
    A condom is applied and I enter Misa in the missionary position. As I am about to come I ask for cim. Misa motions for me to move up and she takes my cock in her mouth. Not long after I blow my load.
    As I keep spurting I notice some of my cum dribbling out the side of her mouth. A true pornographic experience.
    Another shower, more light conversation and out the door.
    I think next time I will allow myself more time with this lovely lady.

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    Might have to visit soon
    Always look after and respect the girls
    As they look after and respect us

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