Person's Name : Reina

Establishment : 5 Gerald St. Marrickville

Date of Visit : March 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : As above

Phone :95199009

Hours of Business : 10.00am to late

Rates : $230 hour (Diamond)

Age : Early twenties

Size/shape : Medium/natural

Nationality or Ethnicity : Japanese

Services Provided : Fs cim cob

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)
This was my last punt before the lockdown.
As I was in the area I decided to call in for a quick punt. Being a Saturday afternoon I thought that it would be no problem. How wrong I was.
Upon entering I was not met by the usual papasan but a very good looking, young Asian lady. She informed me that all the girls were busy at the moment and the first available would be in about twenty minutes.
I enquired if any Japanese girls were working. Yes one, Reina, but she would not be available for about forty minutes. I asked if I could make a booking with her, no problem. I told the mamasan that I would return for the service.
I took a quick trip up to Marrickville shopping centre, had a bite to eat and wandered around a bit. About thirty minutes later I was back at No. 5.
The mamasan told me that Reina had just finished with her customer, was freshening up and would see me very shortly. I was led into one of the rooms where the financials were dispensed with.
After a very short time Reina entered the room. She was wearing a short white dress, with obviously nothing underneath, as her parts were clearly visible.
She introduced herself, planted her lips on mine and gave me a dfk and apologised for keeping me waiting.
She then suggested we head for the shower. Once in the shower, the water at the right temperature, Reina began to lather me up. Her hands were all over me, paying particular attention to my cock and bottom.
After washing me down Reina obliged with a quick bbbj before we headed back to the room to dry off.
Once on the bed Reina commenced a cat bath, starting with my nipples and ending up with my cock deep in her mouth. Her bbbj skills are very good, just the right pressure and no teeth conatct.
After a while of this I suggested a sixty nine. No problem, Reina gently moved herself over me and placed he pussy mere centimetres from my face. Whilst she continued with the bbbj I went to work on her pussy.
Our combined tongue actions became quite intense and I soon blew in her mouth whilst savouring some of her pussy juices.
Reina went to the bathroom to clean her mouth out and soon came back to lay beside me where she began to play with my cock again whilst we engaged in some conversation.
Once I was again fully aroused Reina produced a condom and slipped it on. She then gently lowered herself on my cock. Taking the lead she began to vigorously fuck me. watching her bounce up and down on me was pure delight.
I then asked if we could switch to doggy. Reina got on all fours and presented her quite lovely bottom to me and I entered her pussy and began to slowly thrust.
After a while of this, and sensing that I was about to come, I asked if I could come on her breasts. No problem. Reina lay down on her back, with me kneeling above her, took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it.
Not long after I spurted all over her breasts. She complimented me on the amount of cum I was able to produce the second time round.
We both then headed for the shower. We showered separately after which Reina helped me dry off and get dressed. I was then led out the door.
Another great session with a lovely lady. I think it is worth while paying the premium price to spend quality time with some truly great girls.
Hopefully it won't ne too long before I can again see the Japanese girls at No.5.