Person's Name : Anita

Establishment : Club 350

Date of Visit : November 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone :94173298

Hours of Business : 10 till late

Rates : 100 45 minutes

Age : 20ís

Size/shape : Banging body, c/d bolt onís, sexy, attractive, shaved, tattooís

Nationality or Ethnicity : HKG I think

Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, FS Multiple positions, LFK

Value for money/recommend? : Just OK, wouldnít rush to see her again as usual YMMV

My experience/comments : was in the area so popped in without a booking to play puntlotto. Bill was happy to see me asked if I had a booking nope, asked to see a lineup. First girl out was Anita looked the goods, has a sexy Asian elvish look, with a nice rack and very enthusiastic. Sold - hand over the cash to Bill and into third room along from the rear entrance.

jump into the shower Anita undresses and getís the lights going sheís very enthusiastic a bundle of energy, could be nervous energy, not sure. Get out of the shower and Anitaís prancing around with a big smile on her face, as mentioned she has a banging body is quite small/slender with a pair of bolt onís. She comments on my size, (yeah right) we embrace some LFK, onto the bed She begins a cat bath, before making her way down to my cock to begin a BBBJ, which is ok, some ball sucking thrown in. After a while she comes up for air and wants to fuck - way too early, I tell her I want to suck on her pussy she lies on her back, I begin a cat bath of my own paying attention to her firm enhanced rack and nipples, make my way down to her gorgeous little pussy, which also tastes very nice, she begins responding nicely grinding and holding my head in place after a while I come up for air and Anita wants to fuck, ok on goes the protection and she proceeds to mount me, she is small and tight, so only takes little drogos head and not much more and rides me very slowly, this continues for a while I play with her rack, itís not doing much for me or her, she tires and I suggest doggy, she gets on her knees and elbows and presents her cute pussy to me. I enter her, and start slow and gradually pick up pace Anitaís quite detached - anyhow itís not long before I cum, she cleans me up and asks if I want a quick massage which I accept. Massage is Ok time is up, jump in the shower, after which she follows. Get dressed say goodbye out the back door and down the steps and back to reality.

Thought I was going to be in for a great session as Anita was full of energy and seemed quite enthusiastic, however when it came to the crunch was quite robotic and detached. As always YMMV, she is a pretty little thing, however wonít rush back to see her.