Personís Name : Lola

Establishment : Chatswood 350

Date of Visit : 4/10/19

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 9417 3298

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $140/hr

Age : 30s

Size/shape : Great figure, pretty face, C cups, toned.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided :dfk, bbbj, daty, cfs,

Value for money/recommend? : Yes, good value and recommended

My experience/comments : Iím enjoying my periodic visits to 350 recently. This Friday I decided to pick a girl from the daily roster rather than a random walk in and a management recommendation. Iíve noticed the roster pic for Lola on a few shop sites and always been keen on those pin-up girl breasts on display so I decided to see them for myself.
On arrival Bill the friendly manager advises a 15 minute wait. Heís apologetic but Iím in no hurry so I sit I the small waiting room where the bottled water is stored.

Lola arrives and Iím not too sure about that roster pic but sheís pretty with a cute smile and a nice cleavage so off we go the the room near the rear entrance. This room is spacious and has a large bed but the mirror in not well placed.
Lola wriggles, hugs and kisses me as I strip for the shower. She peels off her skirt and top and obviously enjoys parading around the room in her black bra and g-string. I like it too ! Lola has a toned figure, flat tummy and lovely smile and Iím getting very enthusiastic.

Onto the bed Lola reveals her sweet C cups, enhanced but quite soft and shapely with long dark nipples. I give them plenty of attention with some gentle foreplay as I look forward to the hour ahead. Lola is friendly and accommodating, happy to go with the flow it seems so I suggest we start the session with slow daty as she reclines on the pillow. Her pussy is lovely, just a tidy slit with no inner lips protruding and silky smooth with just a tiny tuft of hair decorating her mound. I nibble and lick around the edges before inviting Lola to spread with her fingers so I can peek inside. She obliges with a shy giggle and I start licking her tiny lips. Lola responds quite quickly, moves her hands to her breasts and drapes her legs over my shoulders and along my back as she grinds up into my mouth. Lola gets wetter and louder and ready to cum so I encourage her to swap places and sit on my face. She happily fucks my face me as I hold her swaying breasts and watch closely from beneath as she cums loudly before collapsing on my chest.

Short pause and Lola moves down for some oral on me delivering a sweet bbbj. Not deep but plenty of suction combined with shaft and tip teasing. To my surprise she repositions to 69 to encourage more mutual oral then we move slowly to 69 with me on top followed by lazy 69 side by side. Great fun.

Iím pretty excited and could happily finish in this spot but since cim is not on Lolaís menu. I lie back to allow Lola to apply a dom, mount me and guide me slowly inside. Wet, tight and a great sight, Lola treats me to some Asian cg stroking before a deep cg grind back and forth across my pubic bone while I reach for her swaying breasts with one hand and grab her butt with the other, pulling her closer, nice and deep. Lola gets noisy and claims another orgasm.
Somehow today I have enough composure to swap for a mish finish so Lola spreads wide. Some sexy FOAMing and wicked eye contact urge me on as Lola reaches under and caresses my balls in a final touch. This is like pulling a trigger for me and I shoot deep and satisfied.

Iím literally fucked and Lola is pretty pleased with herself, still smiling broadly as she removes the dom and cleans me up. Short time remains for a quick shower, kisses goodbye and a slow walk down the back stairs.
Great varied session with Lola, pretty, great body and eager to please. Recommended.