Person's Name : Wendy

Establishment : Club 350 Willoughby

Date of Visit : March 18

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Club 350

Hours of Business : 10 am till late

Rates : $140/hr

Age : mid 20's

Size/shape : normal

Nationality or Ethnicity : China

Services Provided : CBJ, MISH

Value for money/recommend? : NO NO AND NO !!

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)
Well my 2nd [and will be my last] visit to Club 350 was a disaster !!!! worse then my first visit a week earlier.
Arrived at 350 with no booking and went for Wendy, this time a bit more wiser and opted for 30 mins [always 30 mins with new girls].
Anyhow step into room and shower and Wendy trying to up sell me to 45 mins/60mins to receive a BBBJ, which i did say OK but she did not understand [glad she did'nt when you read the rest] So i get out of shower and she hands me a towel then she jumps into shower and proceeds to squat down and looked like she was douching herself had the flexible shower head stuck really close to her pussy and she washing away wtf????
She get out and i get the feeling this i going to be another dud session, minimal communication and we lay on bed starts the nipple sucking and starts arousing the old fella who is standing to attention and then starts her CBJ which was ok as she let me play with her pussy [after she lubed it] this continues for several minutes, then she says we start fucking and i say i want some DATY and she saying "no good no good". While i was playing with her pussy i did get a short whiff of a pungent odor from her pussy and was exceptionally sticky [lube ??] i did not inspect my fingers , however i got the message she may have had her periods ending or beginning ?? So now i am totally disinterested and we start mish then the boredom took over and said lets do doggie which i just pounded hard and quick to get it over done with, just lost all interest and another TOFTT. I was not a happy chappy so put it down to another loss.
Anyhow she gets up jumps back into shower and squats down again and starts douching herself again. i just wiped myself down with towel got dressed and left and told reception worse fuck i have had and i wont be back.
Oh well thats punting.
One of the reviewers here has a saying at bottom of template where he says something like "respect the girls and they will respect you back" or something along those lines. i agree totally however when you work in this industry you should respect the client wishes which means i dont own her but she should not be working if there is some issue with her downstairs working tool. She should respect her clients as most punters want DATY or 69 [it is nothing obscene of downgrading].
That spells the end of my Club 350 career. i will be venturing to other places if interests when over that way next.