Yuki at 350 - very good service, excellent VFM
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Thread: Yuki at 350 - very good service, excellent VFM

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    Default Yuki at 350 - very good service, excellent VFM

    Person's Name : Yuki

    Establishment : 350 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 8/1/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : www.chatswood350.com

    Phone : 9417 3298

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $100/45min

    Age : 30-something

    Size/shape : Quite pretty, curvy figure (just a little bit cuddly), nice C/D-cups, nice round bum, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese

    Services Provided : DFKing, BBBJ, 69, cowgirl, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - $100 for 45min of good fun

    My experience/comments : I’ve seen ten different girls at 350 but it’s been 11 months since my last visit (not sure why) so I decided to go there today.

    Decided on two possibles off the roster and when I parked nearby I called and the first girl I named, Yuki, was available so I said I’d be there in two minutes.

    Entered via the rear door and was met by the receptionist, who I later discovered was called Bill.

    Saw a girl walk past. She said she was called Anna – only got a quick glimpse but not bad looking.

    And Yuki was waiting in the front room.

    She was immediately very friendly and cheerful and she maintained that throughout the session.

    Yuki has quite a pretty face and was wearing a lacy black teddy over a black bra and knickers.

    I paid the toll and showered and Yuki stripped and had a quick shower.

    She has a curvy figure (just a little bit cuddly, but not too bad) with nice C/D-cups and was shaved but a little bit stubbly.

    Yuki joined me on the bed and after a quick kiss and lick of my nipples she started to work on my groin and soon took me in her mouth.

    It was an excellent sensual BBBJ – no teeth, no interruptions, great tongue- and hand-action, plenty of saliva, continuous eye-contact and she went reasonably deep. Lovely stuff.

    Yuki wrapped a towel around herself and briefly left the room saying she had to get a larger condom.

    When she returned she was commenting on my cock and the second girl on consecutive days wanted some photos. She also took a video clip and then I took her phone for some shots of her sucking me.

    Just like Wendy at 280 yesterday, Yuki said she was going to show them to her friends.

    I suggested some 69 and she moved round and was soon moaning increasingly loudly until she wriggled away for a breather.

    Yuki said she was horny and wanted to fuck but I asked her to suck me a bit more but her BJ was so good that I was soon gasping “Get a condom”.

    As she dressed me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth but she asked for a tip.

    Yuki applied some lude and climbed aboard for cowgirl.

    This was great and we had some DFKing while she rode me, mostly Asian-style.

    Then she upped the tempo and very passionately rode me with very loud flesh-on-flesh slapping noises

    She then stopped the Asian-style and sat upright and I rubbed a thumb against her clit and played with her tits until she came again.

    I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed and re-entered.

    This was very good as she has a lovely round bum but my hand was swiped away when it strayed towards her arsehole.

    We switched to the mish and, with Yuki holding her legs in the air and urging me on, I gradually went faster until I squirted.

    As Yuki tidied me up we had a chat. Her English isn’t too bad but we did use the translator app quite a bit.

    She said she has been here for about six months and works at 350 a couple of days a week.

    She also works a couple of days at 429a Pitt St in the CBD, again as Yuki.

    At 429a, for 45min, it is $160 for Silver and $220 for Diamond whereas I paid $100 for 45min with exactly the same girl – as I have said many times, why punt in the CBD?

    All too soon time was up and we both showered and I dressed and departed.

    I had a quick word with Bill on the way out (he confirmed that Helen was still the owner) and also saw Lucy. Another quick glimpse but again she looked OK.

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    Sounds like great value for $100. But I don't understand the pricing structure at some shops.I would assume they would want to encourage longer sessions and spend more but some seem to price to discourage longer bookings.

    This shop does 30/45/60 - $80/$100/$150

    The extra 15min from 30-45 is $20 but another 15min suddenly costs 2.5 times as much at $50?

    A lot of massage shops have same trouble with maths or is it diliberate to keep sessions shorter?

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