Person's Name : Yuki

Establishment : 350 Chatswood

Date of Visit : 15/9/20

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 9417 3298

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $150 per hour

Age : 30-something

Size/shape : Quite pretty, curvy figure (just a little bit cuddly), nice C/D-cup naturals, nice round bum, shaved

Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese

Services Provided : DFKing, BBBJ, 69, cowgirl, side saddle for ages, professional massage

Value for money/recommend? : Yes very friendly and accomodating

My experience/comments : I wanted to meet Yuki after some positive reviews and booked for 1 pm and no waiting just straight into the room as she was having a break.

Yuki is very happy and friendly and I warmed to her immediately and she was all over me with the handsom comments and smiling and we were DFK for several minutes and she is very pretty.

Now even though she is Taiwanese she looks earily like my niece so I had that in the back of my mind and we are kissing with tongues and my cock is getting a workout.

We have the shower and Yuki is washing me and my cock is already hard from the pash and we get dry and then the DFK for five minutes and she was right into it with tongue sucking and playing with cock.

I sat on the corner of the bed and she gets on the floor and shit, she knows how to suck cock and her mouth is silky soft with licking and attention to balls as well.

I lay back and let her suck me and then suggested the bed and she continues with the soft sensual sucking and she was breaking and kissing my body with these rapid licks.

This was pretty good actually and it was making me horny as well and then back to cock and balls sucking for ten minutes and she has a good

Those tits of hers are very nice and she was sucking and had her tits massaging my balls and I nearly blew my load and then she turns around for 69.

Her pussy is nice and neat and fully shaved and I licked away and is easy to reach because shorter girls are easy to do 69 and you can cuddle them close.

We did 69 for five minutes and then back to more cock sucking and then I said I want to fuck as she had me so horny and she gets the dom on after a pussy slide.

Yuki lowers onto me and she has a snug pussy and without a condom I would blow straight away and she is fucking me slowly and we are kissing with tongue.

After five minutes of the slow fucking I started to fuck upwards rapidly holding her and now Yuki has changed into a possessed soul with eyes wide and very horny.

She is crying out and kissing me constantly now and I am hammering that pussy for several minutes and holding her sexy as fuck bum and those boobs are really nice to munch on.

I did this for five minutes and then had to stop due to me being an old fuck and then we changed to side saddle and this is where I stayed for 20 minutes.

She felt so fucking good and she had my balls for some of it and she was just loving me fucking her slowly and I could feel the pressure on my cock from the tight pussy.

Yuki was crying out when I sped up each time and then she was curled up massaging my balls and lightly fingering my arse similar to Kimi.

It was very sexy and intimate and she was obviously enjoying it as much as I was and she would have let me go all day like this.

I had a spell of legs closed lay down side doggy and went fast and told her I am going to cum and we were both worked up a treat.

I finished and just lay there inside her holding her close for a few moments and she has lovely soft skin and then cleaned up and Yuki gave me a massage.

Her massage is very professional as she worked in a massage shop before this shop and I enjoyed it very much and nearly fell asleep.

I pulled her down for the last two minutes and we just lay there entwined kissing with passion and tongues and she had her eyes closed and she looked very pretty.