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    Default Arrsa - 126a Hampden

    Person's Name : Arrsa

    Establishment : "Artarmon Massage" (as per BP ad)

    Date of Visit : August 2017

    Contact Details/Address : 126a Hampden Rd Artarmon, ph 0450 833 766

    Hours of Business : 10:00am to 8:00pm 7days

    Rate : $50 for 45 minutes + extra

    Age : mid 20s

    Size/shape : pretty and cute, size 6, D-cups, little tummy

    Nationality or Ethnicity : MLC

    Services Provided : RnT

    VFM : yes

    Decided today to try a somewhere new, had a couple of hours to kill. Was feeling a little stiff so thought a massage would do the trick.

    Headed down to Hampden Rd, plenty of parking behind, went up the stairs and was met by Arrsa who asked I wanted a massage, yep I did.

    She showed me to one of the rooms, which were small but adequate. Settled finances and she asked me to take my clothes off and she would be back.

    She was wearing a short little white number when she came back.

    I was on the table lying on my front, she gave a pretty good massage, I was pretty tight around the shoulders, which she did wonders on with her elbows. Every now and then would get a feel of her inner thighs with my fingers. Not too much oil. After about 30min massage she heads out to grab a hot towel to clean off the oil.

    She then hinted at some extras, which I obliged. She removed her white outfit and then her black bra and panties. Revealing her ample, natural boobies and shaved pussy. She gave a pretty good HJ whilst I played with her legs and butt and boobies with some sucking of them as well.

    She clean me up and her hands.

    A little bit of time left, so a bit of a head and shoulder massage to finish up.

    Kiss good bye and off I went.

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    Thanks for the review.

    Wondered about her choice of working ( real? ) name... : )

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    Arisa, I'd suggest.
    Lead me not into temptation... I can easily find my own way...

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    Adding an 'I ' would make sense.


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