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    Hello Gentleman,

    Thank you to all for your warm welcomes and especially those that have took time to visit me.

    I decided to put up this thread so we can keep you informed about our availability and roster

    Please find updates below

    6th May - 14th May - Unavailable although advanced bookings welcome

    15th May - 24th May - Available ( Location to be Determined )

    Thank you have a lovely week! Hope to see you when I return!


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    Hi all!!

    I've decided to extend my holiday so I can enjoy my time off with friends and so I can rest and recover

    I'm planning to come back to action as early as next week!!

    I will keep this thread updated with new location details as soon as they are available.

    Thank you to all those that have sent messages on my phone and WeChat..I will be start replying to those soon so we can arrange a naughty time together
    Thanks boys!

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