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    Default Coco - 60 Whiting St Artarmon

    Person's Name : Coco

    Establishment : 60 Whiting St Artarmon

    Date of Visit : 16th August, 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0448829891

    Hours of Business : 10 AM -3 AM

    Rates : 120/ 30 Min

    Age : late 20/ early 30

    Size/shape : Busty pocket rocket

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, BodySlide, Shower Together

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    Saw Coco on intro in black dress. Smooth skin with great racks. In the room had shower together. After that very sensual bodyslide with sloppy BBBJ. Quite responsive and tight pussy. Her best asset is her enormous breast for her size. Would see her again.

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    Person's Name : Coco

    Establishment : Chatswood 60

    Date of Visit : 14/10/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 60 Whiting St, Artarmon

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 10am till late

    Rates : $150 45min

    Age : Late 20's

    Size/shape : 8

    Nationality or Ethnicity : PRC

    Services Provided : FS, BBBJ, DFK

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    Im not normally a FS guy but was looking for something different. I thought Monday lunchtime would be a quiet time to visit. Boy was I wrong. I entered and the reception guy led me to a small room to wait. He had other customers to attend to. In the space of about 10mins two more customers entered. The result was only two girls available. A tired looking Thai lady and Coco.

    Hungry4love007 got the description of Coco spot on - Busty pocket rocket. She has a cute face and a stocky body with big natural breasts. Some stretch marks suggests she has maybe lost some weight, but she is looking great now. She was really into DFK and got worked up when I gently played with her clit. A very sensual experience with the DFK continuing during sex, as close to making love as you can get with a working girl. This was exactly what I was looking for as Im really not into sport sex. She was talking to me in Chinese throughout. No idea what she was saying, but it seemed to be complementary lol. Ive avoided FS shops due to the mechanical experience, but this was different. Given the chance I will definitely see Coco again.

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