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    Default Cover Girl Dior

    Person's Name : Cover Girl Dior

    Establishment : Chatswood60

    Date of Visit : July

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone :0448829891

    Hours of Business : 10:00am to late

    Rates : $240/hour Diamond Cover girl rates only

    Age : mid/late 20s

    Size/shape : Size 8/10, E cup natural, some work. Either reduction or enhancement?

    Face : 9/10 - photo's > 99% accurate

    Nationality or Ethnicity : China

    Services Provided : DFK BBBJ, Spanish, 69, FIP, FIA, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : yes WIR? Yes

    Had seen new girl Dior on 60's website on Thursday. Couldn't get away from work so booked for Friday morning.
    Guys, WOW. She's adorable, and quite possibly better looking person. This little doe eyed beauty honestly had me smiling for the whole hour.

    Very friendly and attentive start to the session. lots of warm smiles. but very little English
    i was almost in a trance watching this young women undress. Gorgeous. i'm almost nervous LOL. almost.

    We jump in the shower and she washes me from head to toe. Very seductively. I get a better look at her body up close.
    Fit young lady, lovely long hair, athletic legs, shapely bum, small waist, a Very slight sag starting on her tummy, and the most glorious set of E cups i've had in my hands and mouth for years.

    She's had some work. Either reduction or enhancement?. she has a small detailed filigree tattoo, starting under both areolas, continuing under each breast to her armpits. my guess is reduction, as they were so soft and heavy and firm and squishy all at the same time. beautiful responsive nipples.

    she rinses me off, and drops to her knees for a lovely wet BBBJ with plenty of attention to my balls.

    we dry off and we embrace and DFK and i start to explore her young body.

    I sit on the bed and draw he close, taking in those magnificent breasts. 1 in each hand and start to bury my face in them while i rub her pussy and arse.

    i gently guide her to her knees, and she takes me into her mouth. the next 15mins she alternates between BBBJ and balls sucking. her BBBJ is good. Wet, nice suction, very little tissue breaks, deep enough to enjoy but not DT, its a little toothy and i have to stop her a couple of times to show her what not to do. she just smiles and nods and starts again. No rimming instigated and none asked

    We move back on top of the bed and she swings around for a 69.
    i tell you i went to town on her pussy. nicely shaved, sweet taste and aroma and lovely lips without being meaty. we started off slow, but after 10-15min we had worked up that 69 into a frothy mess. my fingers were every where including her arse. she had that wetness and taste that a woman only gets whens shes turned on and cumming. No foaming, just a gentle moan and groan from a woman enjoying her self.

    Sex started out with her on top. no lube needed. tight and smooth.
    moved to side saddle, so i could take her "all in" - nothing like fucking a beautiful young woman.
    positioned her at the edge of the bed for some DATY, before standing MISH with her legs high and wide. guided her to squeeze those big titties and rub her pussy. such a sight!

    rolled over for doggy with my finger back up her butt. she pushed back, but i could tell she didn't enjoy much past the second knuckle, so i kept it shallow.

    i laid back down and she finished me off with a BBBJ. lots of spitting on my cock as she jerked off into her mouth. As i came she went quite deep and kept going until i was spent.

    She raced off to sink to spit it out and mouthwashed. thankfully no "Hacking" up! LOL
    this beautiful girl then came back to bed and all smiley, where we cuddled and she gave my back and legs a rub.

    she's not really the PSE like Lexi, but overall a great session, one which i would happily repeat

    PS she's also on the girls list at Roseville Rose as Claire

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    Person's Name : Cover Girl Dior

    Establishment : Chatswood 60

    Date of Visit : 20th of July 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone :0448829891

    Hours of Business : 10:00am to late

    Rates : $240/hour Diamond Cover girl rates only

    Age : mid/late 20s

    Size/shape : Size 8/10, E cup natural with tattoos underneath, slightly heavier than photo but not flabby but firm and sexy as fuck

    Face : 9/10 - photo's > 99% accurate

    Nationality or Ethnicity : China

    Services Provided : DFK, DATY i.e. sitting on my face whilst playing with those melons, BBBJ, Spanish, catbath was good, Rimming on me, cowgirl fucking each other in turns, missionary to completion holding her sexy arse, massage (prof)

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes for me she is very beautiful especially during missionary with DFK and was happy to let me take over and she looked sensational.

    The review by Bigchevy and the photos got me very interested and I was expecting a slightly taller, thinner girl but she is about 160 cm and a very sexy solid build with half a watermelon on each side of her chest but not hard but soft and really nice.

    I was first punter at 3 pm and was waiting and then she turns up in the front door and goes to the room to get ready and ten minutes later comes to collect me and we go inside and she closes the door and jams in shut with a chair.

    Next thing she is all over me kissing and grabbing my cock and I am thinking, holy fuck now this is what I came for with such a pretty face and not holding back we kissed with tongue sucking and she is very beautiful.

    If you have ever seen a male horse when it gets excited at the filly and its cock just springs up, well that's me right now and I am still fully dressed, so after the couple of minutes pushing my jeans out we head to the shower.

    Dior gets the water ready and then is washing me and my cock is hard from before and she gets down and is sucking me for five minutes in the shower while I am looking down on the huge boobies.

    Such a pretty face and she does not hold back and I am very horny and then she is washing me all over and I turn around and now getting my arse washed very thoroughly and the finger is darting in there and I have these thoughts going about rimming.

    So we dry off and onto the bed and she is giving me the cat bath and then tells me to lie face down and now giving me a tongue licking all over my body and it felt really good and then she is on my inner thighs.....

    Now this has gone on for five minutes and then her tongue is deep in my arse licking away with moderate pressure and it felt amazing as I have not had a rimming for years and I enjoyed this for five minutes.

    I turned back over and now by balls are getting sucked and I am looking at her sexy body and pretty face and then she is sucking my cock and going at a good pace for five minutes.

    I needed to get inside that pussy and I said to dom me up and then she lowers onto me cowgirl and her pussy is really tight and her boobs are just magnificent to look at so close up and I am sucking each one.

    I am being fucked slowly and she is very receptive and then she is sitting more upright and really hammering my cock and her legs are very firm and strong and it felt good and my cock is really hard.

    After five minutes of this I am trying to fuck upwards but I could not get into a rhythm until I worked out that sweet spot and then went fast and deep and she was crying out and leaning down with the DFK.

    Dior feels very good to hold and her skin is soft and her body firm and sexy so I am having a great time sucking each nipple and looking up at her sexiness.

    Dior then wanted me to fuck her missionary and she said she was horny so who am I to argue with such a beauty and I looked down and just saw a lovely girl and was turned on heaps.

    I started slowly and just made love to her holding her close and kissing with tongue sucking and her face was truly beautiful and all girls are even more beautiful when they are horny.

    I really loved this interaction looking at her face and the kissing was so intimate and sexy and she felt really good against my body and I went like this for ten minutes.

    I then felt the need to cum as the last few minutes I was fighting the urge and it just gets too strong and I went faster and the bed is very bouncy which is bad for hard fucking so I held her butt and neck.

    I hammered that sexy girl to an amazing finish and it felt so good and then just lay there recovering and she said my heart was beating so fast.

    I lay there kissing for a few moments and then she gave me a professional massage for fifteen minutes and then showered and I kissed her goodbye.

    Great girl and I will come back to see her again.

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    Person's Name : Cover Girl Dior

    Establishment : Chatswood60

    Date of Visit : 16 Oct 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone :0448829891

    Hours of Business : 10:00am to late

    Rates : $200/ 45 min Diamond Cover girl rates only

    Age : late 20s

    Size/shape : Size 8, bit short with D cups, but not sure if natural

    Nationality or Ethnicity : China

    Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, DATY, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : Maybe, YMMV

    She had good reviews on the establishment's site, so I thought will try her. She's cute and her pics are real.

    Started in the shower as she washed me, she paid extra attention cleaning my AH so I anticipated to receive some rimming, but she didn't initiate later and I didn't ask anyway.

    Started sucking me right at the end of shower for 5 mins which was a good surprise and then we both dried off. I started to kiss, her DFK was cleverly managed by thrusting her tongue right into you, this way you dont go too closer to her lips. The more you try, the more she thrusts, so I stopped kissing.

    Plenty of cat bath, which usually does nothing to me so I asked her to stop. She seemed to know little English so she continued this time wasting cat bath. I guided her to my erect brother and she started to suck. Good technique and slow, licking swapping between my balls and shaft in between. I offered to return the favour and she seemed not very enthusiastic but obliged anyway. Lots of FOAM, but eventually it slowed down. She seemed to enjoy and started to smother me, and I was almost out of breath...but I dint care

    She helped put on the rubber after the intense DATY and we started off with Mish. Quickly changed to CG and then finally doggy. Doggy felt good, but for some reason I never came. Maybe she was too loose, no lube though. Time was up, she was concerned that I never finished and offered HJ. Although I accepted, I somehow felt that she just wasn't into it from the beginning and I just dint finish at all.

    So I dint want to hold her as the time was over few mins ago. So we washed again and dressed to go.

    She is a nice girl and has a great body, firm tits and amazing ass...I was admiring it all the time . I have seen her in some lineup elsewhere but couldn't recall where. I asked her, but her lack of English never got any answer. Hugged her and quickly squeezed her ass before bidding bye.

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    Person's Name : Cover Girl Dior

    Establishment : Chatswood60

    Date of Visit : Dec 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone :0448829891

    Hours of Business : 10:00am to late

    Rates : $250 for 60 min Diamond Cover girl rates only

    Age : late 20s

    Size/shape : Size 8, D cups, she had reduction, she told me. Meat in all the right places

    Nationality or Ethnicity : China

    Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, DATY, FS, cim, rimming, taught her to play my rusty trombone.

    Value for money/recommend? : yes I guess so

    Got in the room. She embraced me. Good warm start
    Small peck on lips
    Shower together
    Washed me AH
    Start facing down on bed
    Starts rubbing her melons over my back and suck and licking me all over
    Makes her way to my AH starts to rim me
    I get on my knees in a bent position and grab her hand with lube to play the trombone.
    I ask for 69, she asks me to wash off lube
    No probs
    Start 69 but can't seem to get foam. Not sure.
    Her bbbj is good but I've had better. She can't DT
    Anyway, I tell her to lie down and I go to town on her pussy. She compliments me on my tongue work.
    I finger her a bit. Not really my thing.
    I rim her lightly as well.
    I ask for the dom
    I'm a lil floppy but I'm hard after a good few solid thrusts.
    Playing those massive titties and watching them wobble and shake is a dream come true. She's got pretty eyes. We kiss dfk during the fucking. And do cow girl and back to Mish and she seemed to orgasm as I pumped her as deep as I could go. Finally I cum as well.
    She gives me a small massage
    I ask for more sucking while I'm soft
    She obliges, couldn't get it up for round 2.
    She said she does cim so maybe next time I'll do that first.
    She said I was a real fucking machine as I was able to go much longer than she expected
    Overall she's a PYT and for $250 I guess it's worth it. It was good but not amazing.
    Not sure if I will return or try someone else.

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    Default Dior - 60 Whiting St, Artarmon

    Person's Name : Dior

    Establishment : 60 Whiting Street, Artarmon

    Date of Visit : 19/03/2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : -

    Hours of Business : 10am till late

    Rates : $140+

    Age : late '20's

    Size/shape : Very busty, curvy, pretty face

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, CIM, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : OK

    My experience/comments :

    Went up to 60 Whiting St for an early session around 11am. I know from previous experience they get busy early. I was keen to see Coco who offerred Diamond service (CIM) for $200 p/h, but just missed her. Dior was the "cover girl", and offerred the same service for $250 p/h.

    The first thing that stood out for me was her giant boobs. On her short frame they seemed like out of proportion bolt-ons...but I still can't tell for sure. They looked and felt amazing, so if they were implants they were very, very good. Some tattoos on the side may have covered incisions...but I digress and it's not that important.

    Not sure if she does DFK, she didn't volunteer it, and I was focussed on sucking her giant bosoms. She tried the cat-bath (incl rimming) and massage which I have never cared for. I was keen to turn over and have her start her BJ. It was uncovered, and enjoyable without being overly enthusiastic. I also found there was limited variation in technique...which suprised me as she was a "cover girl." After a while I changed positions so I was standing while she knelt and blew my load in her mouth.

    After that, we had a quiet interlude where I struggled to communicate. Round 2 began with some more head, and graduated to mish, followed by doggy. I'm getting picky here, but this is where I noticed a bit of chubbiness...combined with a lack of enthusiasm it was fine, but nothing special. Climaxed with a hj/bj combo.

    Don't get me wrong, a good value punt, but there are better options at the same venue, not to mention elsewhere.

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