Ella at 60 - a very pretty and very young-looking cutie
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Thread: Ella at 60 - a very pretty and very young-looking cutie

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    Default Ella at 60 - a very pretty and very young-looking cutie

    Person's Name : Ella

    Establishment : Chatswood 60

    Date of Visit : 15/5/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : www.chatswood60.com.au

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $180/hr

    Age : 22 (but she looks like a teenager)

    Size/shape : Very pretty, lovely slim figure, A-cups, cute little bum, fully and freshly shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, 69, FIV, DATY, cow-girl, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Fantastic session - Ella is very cute and looks so young and she certainly knows what she's doing

    My experience/comments : Called and spoke to Terry. I asked about Abby or Ella, both of whom were on the roster posted in the early morning. Terry said Abby wasn’t working so I booked Ella.

    Parked at the rear and said hello to Cici while I waited for the start time.

    Went in a couple of minutes early and chatted with Terry and I was then directed to the room and met Ella.

    I found her to be extremely pretty and very young looking and she was beautifully made-up with false eye-lashes (but not too big), lovely eye-shadow and red lipstick on her full and kissable lips.

    She was wearing a sort of halter-top over a black bra and tiny g-string.

    Asked her where she was from – Guangzhou – and she said she has been in Australia for two years. Her English is almost perfect.

    I stripped and went into the shower and she wrapped a towel around herself, over her bra and g-string, and joined me for a thorough washing.

    I asked how old she was and she said she was 22. I said she looked a lot younger. She said people often said she looked 18.

    Onto the bed and Ella removed her underwear.

    She has a lovely slim figure and a cute little, but still shapely butt. Her tiny A-cups and fully shaved pussy makes her look even more like a teenager. There are a couple of tattoos on her back.

    She knelt over me and we had some lovely DFKing and she soon moved down to kneel between my legs and started licking my groin.

    There was a bit of a cat-bath and more DFKing and she then started the BBBJ. It was excellent as she started by flicking her tongue on my helmet and then took me in her mouth with lovely soft and sensual lips.

    She soon started gently stroking my shaft with her hand and I reckon I could have squirted immediately it was so good.

    There was no hint of teeth and no interruptions and plenty of saliva.

    She asked that I let her know if I was going to cum and I said that I only cum once in an hour so she said she didn’t want me to cum too early as she wanted to make sure I enjoyed the whole session.

    After some more kissing I suggested some 69 and she moved round. She immediately started moaning and squirming and she gradually got louder. I also inserted a finger in her pussy.

    She eventually moved away but, in spite of her sounding like she’d enjoyed it and making the routine “You lick good” comments, I don’t think she came.

    Ella asked whether I wanted to fuck but I said “Not yet” and she sucked me a bit more before I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    She was really wet and I went to insert a finger again and she applied some lube, I assume to make it a bit more comfortable.

    I finger-fucked her and licked her and she soon went off. Either she is an Oscar winning actress or she came this time – she was writhing around and almost screaming and I could feel her vaginal contractions as she panted “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. Lovely.

    While she got her breath back I gently kissed her inner thigh and clit and, while looking up at her, inserted my finger and then put it in my mouth. She said “Does it taste good” so I put it back in and then offered it to her and she readily sucked on it. Very erotic.

    Ella sucked me a bit more but I soon had to ask her to get a condom.

    She straddled me for some slow and gentle cow-girl and we had some more DFKing before I suggested some doggie and stood by the bed.

    Ella applied some more lube and asked me not to go in too deep so I said I’d be gentle and I did so.

    She has a nice bum and she got quite vocal again. I fingered her arsehole a bit but she asked me to stop when I went for some insertion.

    We then had some mish with more kissing – it was a great sight looking down on this pretty and young girl while I gently fucked her.

    I said “You suck, I’ll cum” and she said “You cum in my mouth” so I lay down and she removed the condom and she sucked me some more.

    Again she asked me to let her know when I was going to cum which made me think that she would probably pull her head away at the last moment and that is what happened – she ended up finishing me off with a HJ for the final few seconds. But that’s OK as it doesn’t say on the website that she does CIM.

    She showered and we had a chat in the few remaining minutes.

    Ella said she has only just started at 60 and wasn’t sure which days she will work but she also works at 8 Burwood, as Baby. I found her on the 8 Burwood website but the rate for her there is $240/hr so you’re better off seeing her here!!

    I showed her the photo they used on the website this morning (the pretty girl called Ella with brown hair and a white blouse) and she agreed that it was not her, which is unusual for this shop where they always use real photos. I mentioned this to Terry on the way out and he said that the wrong photo had been posted this morning – that was a different Ella – and they had now corrected it (ie the cute girl with yellow blouse and studs in her ear in some of the photos).

    Fantastic session with a real cutie.

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    This is Ella - how cute is that? And about a third of my age and looks even younger...……….


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