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    Person's Name : Jane

    Establishment : 60 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 10/1/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone :0448 829 891

    Hours of Business : Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 1 am

    Rates : $150 per hour

    Age : Mid 20's

    Size/shape : 165 cm tall very strong shapely legs, nice c cups natural, beautiful face, short bob cut hair style

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, DATY, rimming on her, side saddle different angles, missionary, back to side saddle for finish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes what a lovely classy sexy lady and can converse well

    My experience/comments : I missed Jane last week and went for Gucci and it was great so wanted to see Jane and booked 10 am today and arrived a bit early and dropped off some treats for her office.

    Jianni thanked me and led me to the room and in walks Jane and wow what a beauty standing there with a beautiful face and nice body and very strong shapely legs and I was imagining them crushing me later.

    I showered then Jane saw that my cock was erect from perving at her and she knelt down and started to suck me and her mouth is so soft and I am thinking this will be good.

    After a couple of minutes I asked if she likes to be licked and yes she does so I get on the floor and she is lying back on the bed and I am in there licking that nice laser smooth pussy.

    My tongue was enjoying it in there and Jane is a big fan of DATY and she was really loving it and holding my head there and running her fingers through my hair and I gave her some rimming as well.

    I kept this up for ten minutes because she was liking it so much and then I wanted her sexy mouth around my cock again so I lay down and she went to town and the sucking was so sexy and nice.

    Going half way down to and massaging balls and her sucking is so sensuous and sexy and she is a beautiful girl and I was watching her hot body in the mirror on the roof not to mention her pretty face with my cock inside her mouth.

    This went for ten minutes and I was loving it and then I said lets do side saddle because I wanted to watch in the roof mirror and it was very sexy seeing my cock going into her pussy and she was watching my cock.

    Jane said she was really turned on by my big cock going into her pussy and guess what Jane I am also turned on by that as well and she looked very sexy lying there while I fucked her.

    Her pussy is snug and silky soft and it felt awesome and she was really turned on and it made me so horny as I slowly fucked her and then did some faster paced for a few moments.

    I now wanted some missionary and what a sexy beauty to be fucking her looking down and I initiated some kissing by poking my tongue at her lips and this usually works and it was a bit closed mouth at first.

    I just enjoyed slowly making love to her and she was saying that she loved my cock and I went a bit faster and kept going medium pace for nearly ten minutes and during this time we are now kissing with tongues.

    I just love this as it makes it so girlfriend and I could see that she was very horny and really into it and I love the kissing and she was saying she loves my cock and then came again.

    I was now getting pretty hot and not because of the room but due to the constant fucking as I was loving the feeling but had to change to rest a bit and went back to side saddle.

    I held her and fucked her slowly while getting balls massaged and it felt amazing inside her wet pussy and we could watch in the roof mirror and it was making me very horny.

    I just had to speed up and fucked her fast now and she was crying out and came again and I came a bucket full into the dom.

    We cleaned up and lay there talking and she is very good to talk to and a really lovely person and said the men in this area are really nice to her.

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    Talking with Jane after our very sexy session and I found she is an intelligent young woman who has insights into relationships with others.
    I usually discuss with the girls about how they should feel empowered about what they do as they offer a fantastic service for the guys who otherwise would be at a loss to find such companionship.
    How their roles are important in that they make us guys feel so good and happy and in many cases prevent loneliness and depression from manifesting.
    Jane was tickled pink to hear this and she suddenly realised that that the job she is doing is important and wanted.
    We also discussed how being treated like a lady with kindness and respect makes a big difference to how she feels towards the customer and how she is much more responsive to positive treatment and feedback.
    Also she has worked in other places where the customers have not been that way and have made her feel insecure and nervous and therefore she did not have her heart in the sessions.
    Jane however stated that the current environment is very favourable and she is very happy as the local clientele seem to be gentlemen.
    The conversation pretty much confirmed what I have been stating all along about having the best times with the ladies.

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    100% with you, Jane is an absolute gem of a lady. She gives that impression she genuinely enjoys every minute I spend with her and make you valued as a partner. I hardly tip my ladies but both times I have seen Jane, I ended up tipping her for her going over and above than usual. Really a good find and hope she keeps working here for some time to come.

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